Infertility and Married Couples


The problem of infertility is an equation of two variables, yet most fertility solutions,  such as IVF and ICSI treatment centre treatments are focused on women. Recent statistics indicate not only that the father-to-be is an important factor in the process of getting pregnant, he is an equally important factor. Even today, most of the advanced fertility solutions target women. The new fertility solution, Fruitful App, corrects that faulty paradigm by focusing on couples. Its conception toolkit is designed to address men and women, separately and as a single entity, in the process of getting pregnant safely and  naturally.

Male fertility statistics in the US indicate  that:

  1. Men and women share the same percentage of infertility responsibility‑ 40% of males, 40% of females, with 20% of infertility cases due to unknown  causes.
  2. This means 4 out of 10 fertility problems are related to male  issues.
  3. The top 5 male fertility risk factors are: overweight/obesity, diabetes, alcohol use, age and  smoking.

There are both known and unknown causes of male infertility‑illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems and lifestyle choices. Male infertility is most often due to low sperm production, misshapen or immotile sperm, or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm. Demographically, sperm density had fallen by 40% in the past 50 years. Smoking causes DNA damage to sperm. Quitting smoking can improve sperm  quality.

It takes three months to develop a new sperm and the Fruitful supplement designed for males can help in this process when the advisory guidelines are  followed.

“Boosting male fertility after 35 also can be helped by increasing activity to at least 2-3 times a week, limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking and keeping a healthy diet,” explains Sharon Shmueli, MD, Fruitful Family Practitioner. “Taking the Fruitful for Him supplement on a daily basis can increase the couple’s chances to conceive. This all-natural supplement can help in protecting sperm and improve its  parameters.”

Fruitful Way offers a new, natural fertility toolkit for couples who are trying to get pregnant. It includes a unique, science-supported dietary supplement for him and for her, with an advanced fertility app to make sure both prospective parents will take the supplements on a daily basis and will follow the fertility program efficiently. “One of the most important features of Fruitful App is that the father-to-be is involved in every aspect of the fertility process, and as a result he becomes a full partner of this route,” notes Udi Alroy, CEO and founder of Fruitful Way. “This bonding is essential for fertility success in two ways: It helps the mother to-be feel she has a true partner for this mission, and it places vital emphasis on the male’s key role in their getting  pregnant.”

“Most of the couples who try to get pregnant are over age 30 and they are not aware of the fertility risk factors of the male,” notes Shmueli. “Ignoring the man’s role can lower a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. Fruitful can help couples get pregnant by providing a complete program that addresses both the man and the woman and targets their specific habits, lifestyle and risk  factors.

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