Instances When You Would Need a Car Accident Lawyer

In a case where you are involved in a car accident where not even a single soul is injured, your insurance company can handle your claim with the least fuss. In a situation where there is more severe damage, so much more has to be  done.

There are several instances whereby you might require an accident attorney to handle your case. Some of them  include;

When your injuries are  serious

Minor injuries that only take a few days for you to recover wouldn’t require the attention of a car accident lawyer, but injuries that affect the quality of your life would need to be attended to. To get a glimpse of the type of injuries that require that kind of attention, you might want to hire an accident attorney  when:

  • The damage from the accident affects you for a long time
  • A long term injury or one that disables you permanently
  • An injury that has cost you a severe loss of income
  • An injury that has caused you to stop doing your day-to-day activities such as going to school or work
  • An injury that required extensive medical bill settlements upon hospitalization

A car accident attorney will help you to determine the value of your claim once he or she assesses the damage done to  you.

What you have at  stake

Every insurance company has attorneys of their own to fight back when a claim is demanded. When you have more on your plate that you need to settle, you will need an accident attorney to handle your case. A car crash attorney is well equipped to handle big claims and can fight insurance companies that seek to deny you compensation or reduce settlement  amounts.

Cooperation of the other party’s insurance  company

It is quite apparent that no one would be willing to take liability in case massive damage is done. Money matters can make the two parties do anything to escape payment, including contesting fault. When you get involved in an accident and the other driver’s insurance company refuses to take responsibility, then arises a concern that needs to be handled  appropriately.

It is not easy to prove that the other party was responsible for the accident when the fault is being contested. If you are not careful, you can quickly lose your claim. That is where a car accident attorney comes in handy. He or she can work things up and about to provide the necessary evidence to prove the fault of the other  driver.

Dissatisfaction upon settlement of your  claim

In a case where you had a more substantial demand and the insurance company offered you a lower value than the worth of your claim, you will need someone to take a deeper dive and look into the matter – an attorney. Dealing with an insurance claim once can be a hassle, and twice? You can’t stand a  chance.

When your case is going to  court

If circumstances have forced you to take your case to court, you would need an attorney to represent you. He or she can quickly present your claims because of familiarity with the court rules and  procedures.

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