Internet of Things Future and How it Works at LinkedIn


When most people think of the Internet of Things and emerging connected technology, LinkedIn is the last website and company to come to mind, but a recent article in Fortune indicates LinkedIn has developed a technology that is starting to affect the Internet of Things. Jason Hope, tech guru from Arizona, thinks this contribution could be a positive  one.

In the September 2 article entitle “Why LinkedIn is important to the Internet of Things,” Derrick Harris discusses LinkedIn’s Kafka technology. Originally created to send messages between the different parts of the LinkedIn web application network, Kafka is providing technology that is providing a foundational component of the Internet of Things. It is allowing for the receipt of messages from one system that are then sent to another system, in real time, with the capacity of handling huge amounts of data  quickly.

How does this move from the LinkedIn network to the Internet of Things in general? Kafka is the system that powers LinkedIn’s People You May Know feature, and it is able to work with huge volumes of data moving at a fast rate to provide real-time benefits. Each day, Kafka handles 1 trillion messages. As LinkedIn has learned to manage that data, it has provided a valuable solution to Internet of Things developers. Other companies have started using the technology, and Kafka has proven time and time again that it can get relevant data from one point to another almost  instantly.

“This is an important component of the Internet of Things,” says Jason Hope. “People, from the basic level consumer to the CEO of a major corporation, want information quickly from their connected things. With Kafka, LinkedIn is positioning itself to provide a much needed benefit for those working on the data side of connected  devices.”

To prepare for this demand, LinkedIn is making some changes to their technology. Enhanced security features are a priority, so Kafka will be ready for the new Internet of things  marketplace.

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