Is the Apple CEO a Hypocrite?

By Wayne Allyn Root, Special for  USDR

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The religious freedom act in Indiana has been the biggest news in America for a week  now.

This is all a joke, a distraction from what’s really being done to America by Barack Obama and his Marxist cabal of America-haters. Or haven’t you noticed an Iranian nuclear deal that allows Iran to gain nuclear weapons, or a new crisis of illegals at the border, or debt escalating out of control, or 40 straight months with more than 46 million Americans on food stamps, or GDP growth of zero now projected for the first quarter and a disastrous jobs  report?

First let’s “out” the opponents of this law. Let me start by saying I’m a true fiscal conservative. But when it comes to social and bedroom issues, I’m a libertarian. I believe in live and let live. I want government out of my bedroom and boardroom. The government shouldn’t be regulating marriage; only churches should marry  people.

And if a gay couple wanted a wedding cake from me, you know what I’d say? “How big?” But that’s just me. I’m a capitalist, I’m happy to sell my products to everyone. That’s the American  way.

But if people ask me to violate my personal values, morals or religious beliefs, or if I just don’t like what they asking me to do, as a business owner,of course I have a right to opt out. I’m not hurting them, or stopping them. That’s called free will. That’s called free speech, protected by the  Constitution.

The radical gay agenda is infringing on our rights as Americans, as Christians and as business owners. And it’s going to backfire. The proof is the small-town Indiana pizzeria whose owners told a reporter they would refuse to make pizzas for a gay wedding. How silly. Weddings aren’t catered by pizzerias in the first place. But instantly they were inundated with death threats and even a local coach asking others on Twitter to join her in burning down the pizzeria. The family that owns the pizzeria closed its doors and ran for their own  safety.

Then something interesting happened. Americans supported them — to the tune of more than $842,000, donated by strangers on an online funding site. This pizzeria owner won the lottery. He should thank God for the radical gay  agenda.

But back to the hypocrisy and fraud. First, the Indiana bill is a copy of a federal law signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton in  1993.

Isn’t Clinton a friend of gays? Aren’t gay activists supporting Hillary Clinton for president? Yet not one gay activist blamed the  Clintons.

This is just like the radical feminist activists who loved Bill Clinton and never said a word as he used his position of power to have sex with a young  intern.

Isn’t that the very definition of sexual harassment? If it were a Republican president, the same radical feminists would have screamed for resignation. But when Clinton was the perpetrator, not a peep from the feminists. Hypocrites.

Then there’s Obama. What a hypocrite. Iran’s leaders don’t discriminate against gays; they murder them. They throw them off roofs after torturing them. It’s barbaric. Yet Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are doing business with Iran. Why are they willing to sit at the table with these gay  killers?

And if gay rights are really so important to Obama, why isn’t the right to not be murdered for being gay not part of the Iranian nuclear negotiation? Hypocrites.

Then there’s Apple CEO Tim Cook. He’s was all “fired up” by Indiana’s new law. Yet Apple makes billions of dollars selling its products in Russia, where gays have no rights; and in Muslim countries like Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, where gays are murdered for their sexual preference; and in China where no one has any civil or human rights. Why doesn’t Apple stop selling iPhones and iPads in those countries? Why doesn’t Apple close its Moscow store immediately? Hypocrites.

And then there’s the Pandora’s box liberal gay activists just opened  up:

  • Should a Muslim baker be forced by government to bake a cake for a gay wedding?
  • Should a Muslim butcher be forced by government to sell pork?
  • Should a gay baker be forced by government to bake a cake with anti-gay profanity on top?
  • Should a gay photographer be forced by government to photograph a rally where religious speakers are telling gays to go hell?
  • Should a Jewish owner of a security company in Skokie, Illinois, be forced by government to provide security for a Nazi rally?
  • Should a churchgoing Christian mother be forced by government to cater an awards gala at a porn convention?
  • Should a churchgoing Christian mother who owns a print shop be forced by government to make banners for spring break that say, “Show me your breasts!”
  • Should an Obama-loving liberal business owner be forced by government to rent the stage at his event center for a Tea Party rally?
  • Should a black baker be forced by government to bake a cake with racist profanity and a black man in a noose for a KKK birthday  party?

Where does it end? This is insanity. Government has no right to take away our rights of free will, free speech and free association. But if you’re going to force Christian business owners to do things they don’t choose to do, then it goes both ways. The law has to be fairly applied to everyone, or it’s clearly discrimination and a violation of our civil  rights.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I have a feeling liberals and gay rights activists are going to be very sorry they opened this  door.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless  America.

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