Is There a Luxury Apartment in Your Future?


Every person needs a home, a place they can call their own where they can hang their hat at the end of the day and relax in peace, comfort, and safety. Once the fundamental need of a domicile is met, people begin thinking about what amenities are necessary and desirable to make their place of abode not just livable, but lovable. One way of doing this is to consider the benefits of upgrading into a luxury apartment like those found at Fairbourne Station. You have to consider cost, content, and context, before you make such an important decision. Are you ready for such a move? What will your friends and family say about it? Think about the following ideas as you mull it over in your  mind:

As mentioned earlier, it’s usually the amenities that people think about when they think about luxury apartment living. There’s no amenities living inside a cardboard box or in your parent’s basement. Basic apartment dwellings are a little better, but again it’s what’s lacking that defines a basic apartment. For luxury apartment living you expect exceptional convenience and services that pamper you. These would include, but not be limited to, an indoor dog park for your pet and an on-site fitness center that features all the latest in gymnastic equipment, as well as a heated pool and on-site fitness instructors for things like zumba and  pilates.

A sundeck is an amenity that most people appreciate, as well as a billiard room, a card room, and even a smoking room that is well ventilated that allows smokers to enjoy their vice without inconveniencing others or threatening them with second hand smoke. Nowadays most luxury apartment building have a strict no smoking policy for the overall health and maintenance of the building, but apartment building companies also realize that if people choose to smoke they should be able to do it in comfort and in private, instead of outside where the habit can create an unsightly  mess.

A luxury apartment building will also include a business center that is fully set up with wifi, printers, fax machines, copy machines, writing desks, stationery, pens and pencils, and access to a conference room where AV/AR equipment can be set up for world wide conference  calls.

Many luxury apartment buildings now include a well-stocked library/reading room, where guests and their visitors can spend a relaxing hour or two reading the latest newspapers, magazines, and bestselling  books.

In your apartment itself you will find designer finishes that lend a distinctive touch to each room. An open floor plan is a must nowadays; it gives you vast flexibility in arranging your furniture. And high ceiling are a given, although they can be the very devil to keep dust  free.

Your luxury kitchen will be supplied with all stainless steel fixtures. Countertops should be cedar or quartz. The cabinetry will be handmade and stained in earth  tones.

Your luxury apartment should have a large pantry and a walk-in linen closet. Your bathroom will feature heated toilet seats, a Swedish shower installation, and full size washer/dryer so you can do laundry at your convenience. No more sitting around waiting for an open machine! It’s a given you’ll have an indoor numbered parking space to protect your vehicle from the elements. It should be a heated garage, as well. No luxury apartment is complete without additional storage space for those items you may not need on an everyday basis but that come in handy from time to time, such as holiday  decorations.

Last but not least you must insist on top flight professional apartment management staff, including capable, English-speaking, doormen. If the staff cannot or will not respond immediately to any and all requests for assistance and information, you’d better start looking elsewhere for the proper luxury apartment lifestyle you deserve for the money you  pay.

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