Is Walking Going to Become a thing of the Past?

By SegwayPro UK, Special for  USDR

You’ve no doubt seen these all over social media, TV, your local high street, maybe even in your house if you live with someone who has one, it’s like everyone who has one will not walk  anymore.

Known as Swegway, mini Segway, Hoverboard, Self-balancing board, SegwayPro, IO Hawk, it really depends on who you ask. A cross between a Segway and a skateboard, everyone is going crazy for this latest gadget, especially celebrities.  Some music artists love this gadget so much they have filmed their music videos on them, others have been seen showing off their dance moves and tricks, while others have been using them for routine things like shopping. But it’s not just music artists who have jumped on the bandwagon (or the Swegway in this case). Your favourite sports stars have been all over these too, maybe they’re saving their energy for the game or maybe these boards are just too fun and  addictive.

But why have these boards surpassed their bigger handle bar cousin the original Segway? The answer is a combination of being much cooler and more fun to ride. The attention you attract on one of these is incredible, gliding along effortlessly, people are fascinated as to how it works, and it looks like something from the  future.

No doubt the hottest gadget this year and topping many Christmas wish lists. However, with a price tag of £300 – £600 and a recent statement from the CPS reminding people not to use them on public roads, will this affect their popularity and have people walking a little longer? Not according to Moss Alan, Managing Director at SegwayPro UK: “Since the statement from the CPS we have seen our sales increase over 200%, consumers haven’t been put off at all, and in fact I must thank the CPS for these recent rising levels of demand for Swegways, because they’ve only helped bring light to new consumers that such excellent products  exist.”

Who knows if current trends continue, walking may well be a thing of the  past.

SegwayPro  UK

Based in Leeds, SegwayPro UK have an area of operation that extends throughout the United Kingdom and Worldwide. They attribute their success to the emphasis on their customer service “We personally love these boards, our goal is to offer them at an affordable price to the public, without compromising on quality or service.” Joe Darwish, Head of Customer  Care.

SOURCE SegwayPro  UK

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