Is Your House Love-Friendly?

By Kailen Rosenberg, Special for  USDR

As a Love Architect, it’s my job to help people find their personal blueprint for love. When it comes to true-love readiness, you may have some unknown blocks to success that are holding you back from attracting the right person into your life. For example, people spend a lot of time focusing on their appearance and personal presentation—from how they dress or wear their hair to how much they work out—but have you considered what your home says about you? Are you attracting your soul mate or repelling anyone who might be interested? Here’s how to find  out.

  1. What’s More Important, Home or Career?: If you’re answer is “career,” you may be neglecting the home front, no matter nice your house is. Even if you did answer “home,” ask yourself how well your house really represents who you are in a healthy, authentic way. Are you too busy at work to make your house a home? If your house is void of personal mementos or so sterile that it doesn’t feel lived in, it’s going to be hard for a potential partner to feel comfortable there, or to envision themselves as part of your  life.

  1. Does Your Home Tell a Story?: What of your passions, hobbies and interests is readily and tastefully revealed to someone who visits your home? Do you have photos of your adventures on display? Framed pictures of loved ones? (Absolutely NO exes, please!) What can your house tell people about your hopes, dreams and goals? If your home doesn’t have personal touches that could give a potential mate a peek at your heart, you may have some work to  do.

  1. Is Your Kitchen Ready for Company?: Cooking together or sharing a glass of wine while the meal is heating up—these are some of the most casual yet deeply emotionally intimate moments you can share with a partner. Is your kitchen ready for it, or is two a crowd? Opening your kitchen, like opening your heart, is a warm and friendly act that helps another person feel relaxed and welcome. Some fresh flowers and a favorite recipe go a long  way.

  1. Is Your Bedroom Inviting?: Bare bedroom walls are a definite no-no, and a dark bedroom is also not particularly comforting to someone who you’ve gotten close enough to that you’ve made a commitment and are taking things to a physical level. A nice piece of artwork and an interesting novel on the bedside table can do wonders to add comfort and appeal once you’ve brightened things up and have a clean, tidy palette to start with. One thing to avoid is family photos in the bedroom. Your partner isn’t going to want to see your parents or kids smiling down at them while your being  intimate!

Look around your house with new eyes. Notice if you have piles of unfinished chores or clutter that you’ve gotten so used to you don’t notice it anymore. Without judging yourself, see if you can objectively imagine what your home might tell another person about you. Home is where the heart is, and if you want to attract the right heart into yours, you’ve got to begin by making your home a place that reflects a healthy, happy you. Love yourself more, and your home will show for it. That healthy self-confidence and openness will attract just the partner you’ve been waiting  for!

ABOUT: Kailen Rosenberg is CEO and founder of The Love Architects, an elite matchmaking and love design firm that remodels the love lives of some of the world’s most influential people. She is a Masters Certified Life Coach, renowned relationship expert, elite matchmaker, spokesperson for The Unconditional Love Campaign (highlighting the unconditional love offered between caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients) and Love Ambassador for OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) as well as the author of Real Love, Right Now: A 30-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate. Learn more at

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