JoikuSpot: The Free Upgrade for Your WiFi

By Joiku, Special for  USDR

Remember the app called JoikuSpot, turning a good old Nokia Symbian phone into a hand warming WiFi  hotspot?

Joiku is happy to announce that as of today JoikuSpot is back, available as a free download for Android phones and tablets via Google Play store. JoikuSpot enriches the WiFi options available on your Android and takes the concept of sharing WiFi networks into a new  era.

The new JoikuSpot Android edition makes WiFi sharing  smarter:

Smart WiFi Sharing. Users can share their WiFi networks safely without revealing or storing WiFi passwords in other devices. It is easy to create Smart QR codes and Access links that hide and encrypt users’ WiFi passwords. Users can share a phone hotspot, as well as home and office WiFi networks privately with friends and visitors, or as a guest WiFi network in  public.

WiFi Spotting. This feature enables users to find places with good WiFi signal on a WiFi Map, to navigate to the spot, and to connect automatically without the need for passwords. WiFi networks can also be shared publicly for other JoikuSpot users to discover, auto-connect and  enjoy.

WiFi Globe. Users can download and sync to the country WiFi networks of their choice on a phone or tablet for offline use during travel. Users can delete country WiFi networks that are no longer needed, freeing up space in their  device.

Mobile HotSpot. It is now possible to turn an Android device into a secure WiFi HotSpot the classic JoikuSpot way. Simply add the JoikuSpot hotspot icon to any Android screen for instant WiFi hotspot creation and use the Smart Sharing functionality to share the device’s WiFi hotspot safely with  friends.

JoikuSpot is free to download on Android at Google Play, or visit to learn  more.

About  Joiku

Joiku is a mobile software innovation house from Finland, mostly known for its pioneering innovation in the area of mobile WiFi sharing and its mobile hotspot app  JoikuSpot.


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