Kumari Fulbright – A Life Full of Charitable Giving

Every day, you probably see people living in the streets and begging for alms just to get through the day. Many people ignore them; even going so far as to blame them for the situation they’re currently in. But thankfully, there are people who go out of their way to help the less fortunate, thinking that even the little things can make a collective  difference.

Helping hands continue to reach out to the needy, including Kumari Fulbright, founder of the Freedom Initiative Project. Despite accomplishing so many things in her life, what she wants to be remembered as is a  philanthropist.

Kumari says that you don’t have to be rich to live a life of charitable giving. She goes on to say that she doesn’t have millions in her bank account, but she knows she can do something to make the lives of the needy  better.

Childhood memories full of philanthropic  work

Since she was young, Kumari’s parents had always reminded her to share her blessings with others. She would go with her entire family to homeless shelters and elderly care facilities to provide them with much-needed care and attention. This has instilled in her mind that you don’t have to give money or food to help others. You can simply volunteer your time to make a difference in their  lives.

Memories like these are the reason why Kumari has always sought opportunities to help other people. During her middle school and high school years, she joined different community activities. She didn’t stop during her college years. It was during this time that she founded Students Helping and Reaching People, a community service club which encouraged middle school students to participate in community  services.

Kumari’s dream is to let people feel the joy of giving. It may sound ambitious, but she figures it’s worth a shot. This dream ultimately led her to found the Freedom Initiative Project. “I built this organization based on my dream of helping women face all their challenges in their lives with full confidence,”Kumari  explains.

Her non-profit organization doesn’t focus on providing financial support to women in need. Kumari believes that these women need much more than money. They need other people they can call family, and that’s exactly what she has done with all the members of the Freedom Initiative  Project.

Making a difference one step at a  time

Being a philanthropist isn’t limited to giving money to the less fortunate. Kumari says that in most cases, money doesn’t solve the problems of the needy. She explains that these women lack the kind of opportunities that seem to come easily for other people. By opening the doors for women to pick themselves back up and reshape their lives, Kumari knows that any woman can emerge from any life situation she’s currently in, regardless of tough it appears to  be.

Her personal battles with the transition from traumatic experiences have enabled Kumari to feel confident in the strengths of other women. She knows that it’s possible to overcome these trials with the support of those around you. The problem, though, is that many women feel alone and helpless during a traumatic time in their life. Through the Freedom Initiative Project, these women can rely on a supportive network of fellow women who have healed the wounds of the past and lived more happily than  ever.

Transition and dislocation prove difficult to deal with, which is why Kumari focuses on helping women take gradual steps until they reach their goals. Results do not come overnight, but success can be had by believing in oneself and doing whatever it takes to start  afresh.

The Freedom Initiative Project provides education materials for women experiencing transition and dislocation. These are geared toward helping them re-enter the workforce after a long time off, developing essential life skills for managing their day-to-day lives, and providing housing solutions to those in  need.

It’s clear that the organization focuses on the core needs of women. A proper shelter, for instance, can make a huge difference in the lives of struggling women, giving them a safe place to call home and one less thing to worry about. The members are also encouraged to change their ill habits such as substance abuse. Taking little steps to correct these unhealthy ways can go a long way in starting a new chapter in their  lives.

More about Kumari  Fulbright

Kumari Fulbright is equipped with the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to help other women rise above their problems. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She also has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Florida. Kumari also took up law at James E. Rogers College of Law.

Her life and professional experiences allow her to easily feel for the women going through difficult times in their life. While working at a public affairs firm in Dallas, Kumari has also helped minority- and women-owned businesses secure government contracts. Today, her organization helps aspiring women entrepreneurs gather enough funding to launch their business and market it effectively using traditional and social media marketing techniques.

Kumari continues to feel inspired by the many women whose lives have changed after joining the Freedom Initiative Project. She hopes that more women would be more aware of their advocacies, as she believes that building a huge family of these women holds the key to improving their lives.

The Freedom Initiative Project is spreading its mission across the United States, holding several awareness campaigns to encourage women to join. To learn more about what they do, visit their official site at freedominitiativeproject.org.


Kumari Fulbright also posts regular updates about her charitable work on Facebook and Twitter. She leverages her social media profiles to keep in touch with her followers, answering their questions and sharing useful advice to help women deal with their problems. Along with the Board of Directors and passionate volunteers, Kumari feels positive that her dream of introducing everyone to a life of charitable giving is within arm’s reach.

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