Lessons in Bullying

By The Drew Books, Special for  USDR

The Drew Books, a product of Charter Road Productions Inc., educates children at an early age about bullying through books, television, apps, and discussion. There are three books available including Drew’s Dancing DrumDrew Meets Boo, and Drew and the Cyber Bully. Author Justine Del Monte wrote the first book when she was just 11 for a writing project targeted towards first graders. She picked the important topic of bullying because she felt children needed to start learning and understanding about bullying at an early age. She wrote the second and third book when she was just 12 and 13,  respectively.

“The books follow Drew on his adventures encountering bullies and learning important lessons about self-esteem and how to handle challenging situations,” says Del Monte. “I wrote the books because bullying is so prevalent and kids need this information at a young age, far before middle school. It’s also important to understand why kids bully and to see not only how they are hurting others but how they are hurting  themselves.

Illustrator Brandon Chappell has been able to bring color and life to the characters that Del Monte created, which have been well received, worldwide via television and DrewsBooks.com. KVCR-TV animated and produced the books. In addition, two of the books have been turned into interactive apps that are available in three languages. The apps have been downloaded in more than 100  countries.

Bullying is an important topic for all youth and education is important at an early age. As noted on the website StopBullying.gov, that in one large study, 49 percent of children in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month.  Bullying can lead to serious health consequences for children including anxiety, depression and even  suicide.

Del Monte and Chappell have participated in several station visits at KVCR in San Bernardino and WPBA in Atlanta, while distributing books to local schools, teaching kids about bullying, forgiveness, kindness, empowerment, community service and the importance of following your dreams. They have also done television and radio interviews to promote awareness about bullying. To learn more, visit  DrewsBooks.com.

SOURCE The Drew  Books

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