Lovelooks, the Latest and Greatest App for Fashionistas


Introducing Lovelooks; a revolutionary styling & shopping app that allows users to create and explore fashion with the ease of a mobile device. With Lovelooks, users can now build their wardrobe by selecting items from major and up-and-coming fashion brands using an avatar to try outfits and styling options that they can save and  share.

Today, with 90% of shoppers browsing and buying their products online, Lovelooks decided to dedicate themselves to making a shopper’s online shopping experience rich, interactive and highly engaging. With Lovelooks, users seamlessly scroll and swipe through tops, bottoms, and accessories to create their own  look.

Lovelooks offers more than 150 brands, from high-end designers Alexander Wang and Givenchy to mainstream brands like Topshop, and from local darlings like Yumi Kim and Tracy Watts, with plans to feature 300 brands by the end of 2015. The app creates an experience for shoppers that is virtually the same as being in the store, but saves consumers time as it takes only a few seconds to dress Lola, the chic and discrete  avatar.

“We want to create a viral fashion phenomenon in the form of a wonderfully addictive game that will revolutionize the way fashion is viewed, bought, and consumed,” said Lindsey Choudhry, CSO and Co-Founder of  Lovelooks.

Using photos shot in-house by veteran fashion photographer Denise Behrens, each item displayed in the app, layers neatly creating editorial-quality outfits. Users will see collections come alive at their fingertips, allowing them the control to unleash their creativity. The easy-to-use interface gives an authentic feel for how the pieces will look together on the customer, front and  back.

Need help styling a Givenchy top? Lovelooks also provides customers with a magic styling wand that will give them new and unique styling options for each item, as well as tips on how other users are styling their  products.

“The ability to combine and curate multiple fashion brands in an editorial-quality aesthetic environment is unique in online fashion today,” said Julie Agashiwala, CEO and co-founder of of  Lovelooks.

Behind the look and feel of the easy-to- navigate interface is a deeply sophisticated data analytics and commercialization platform that informs and defines the consumption patterns of some of the most important and discretionary demographics in the fashion and luxury market today. Taken together — editorial-quality aesthetics with viral, game-like market saturation– Lovelooks creates a powerful new platform for the fashion industry that analyzes and enhances consumer behavior in real  time.

Looking for something new? Lovelooks will upload 50 new SKUs to its product gallery weekly to keep Lovelookers on top of  trends.


About  Lovelooks:

Lovelooks’ mission is to inspire and transform the way consumers engage with fashion. Taking elements of online shopping, online gaming, and a platform that display true originality through merchandising and styling, Lovelooks is a revolutionary outlet for consumers to unleash their creativity. For the consumer, it is an intuitive foundation to curate one’s personal style using cutting-edge technology and a capacity for imagination to create a truly distinctive look. For the brand, it is a wholly integrated advertising, brand marketing, and e-commerce platform hoping to engage consumers in a new way. Lovelooks is a set of creative tools. As Shakespeare said, “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.” Please join us, and let’s change digital  fashion.

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