LoveWorld USA’s Move to Verizon is Great News for the North American Community 

LoveWorld USA TV is moving to Verizon, one of the largest American Networks in the country. This is just one step out of a whole expansion process of the Christ Embassy megachurch, aiming to spread the Evangelical message around the world through its leading Pastor Chris  Oyakhilome.

In the past couple of decades LoveWorld has been steadily expanding the church’s reach to regions beyond its origin country Nigeria. One of its major outlets and platform to connect to likeminded Evangelical Christians is through the LoveWorld TV channel. The recent launching of LoveWorld USA TV on spectrum TV last year expanded their reach to a new North American  audience.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome partnered with Pastor Benny Hinn for this joint project. Both are world-renowned televangelist and thus the move is not surprising. It all started in 2003 when Pastor Chris pioneered the first around the clock Christian satellite network, broadcasting from Africa worldwide. This move triggered the expansion to other African countries, the UK, and now in the  US.
Pastor Deola Phillips earlier last  year:

“Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn are delighted to launch this new network dedicated to demonstrating the power of God on a daily basis in the United States and around the  world”.

Pastor Deola Philips, Chief Executive Officer, BLW  Inc.
The move to the North American region was a big step for the Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. (BLW). The expansion will be even more significant with LoveWorld USA TV’s change of network to Verizon (Ch. 795) on the 1st of March,  2018.

The channel will have a diverse choice of content targeted to the Evangelical community in North America. Programs will include content suitable to children, sermons, news (local and international), and much more. The station is set to reach millions across the country spreading the church’s message of  Christ.
LoveWorld USA TV will be broadcasted in 33 cities across the East Coast including all the large cities. Having the access to these major cities is a big step for the church. It will translate into influence on the economic, political and business centre of not only America but of the whole  world.
Pastor Chris believes this additional footprint in the American believer crowd is as natural as can be. The values, he says, of Evangelicals in the US are a perfect match for the BLW community. These shared values are evident in the content shown on LoveWorld USA TV. For example, a recent show of the channel’s daily ‘Your Loveworld’ dedicated the entire episode to Jerusalem and the close connection Evangelical Christians have to the modern day and Biblical Israel. It portrayed Pastor Chris interviewing different Israeli officials describing the country’s deep connection to the Bible and thus to  Christianity.

It is known that the Evangelical community in the United States is a strong defender of the state of Israel. The decision to air the show is a clear sign of the shared values Evangelicals in the US share with LoveWorld  Inc.

Pastor Chris sees this move as only the first step in the coming expansion of LoveWorld in the US and across the globe. He envisions Christ Embassy church as a global hub for Evangelicals  everywhere.

(IMAGE) Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn on the show Your  LoveWorld

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