Magazines Will Soon Be Mobile-Friendly

By Advontemedia, Special for  USDR

VERTIQUL digital magazine editions are designed for the web and viewable using desktop or mobile devices. Vertical content orientation provides the reader more control by scrolling rather than clicking or flipping pages.  This purposely-designed digital magazine format preserves the publication ‘issue’ as a deliverable to the audience without the need for flip, pinch, or  zoom.

The digital magazine publishing  format:

  • preserves the linear reading experience online
  • includes the display of print advertisements
  • responsive mobile browser format UX for any mobile device
  • no apps, newsstand, reader software, or downloads required

Vertical editions offer publishers new advertising revenue from ad enhancements plus expanded placement options in content sections with additional media such as images and video. Feature stories can be designed in longform from the main issue flow allowing greater immersion for digital  readers.

“Vertical is the logical mobile-friendly format for publishers who seek to preserve the designed editorial issue format.  We hope subscribers will love reading a designed flow instead of clicking for each page to advance,” said David Blankenship, Advontemedia  President.

The vertical (portrait mode) viewport has quickly grown to become the standard orientation for mobile smartphone and tablet devices.  The trend has grown over the past 5 years and a vertically designed magazine was the logical solution to this expectation for users.  Magazine publishers stage all their issues from their own site and may use access control software or other custom scripts for their digital edition platform and  analytics.

The company seeks to transition and upgrade publishers currently utilizing digital edition software to produce digital replicas.  In addition to print layout conversion, the solution can be utilized for digital only designed magazines.  As part of the service setup, a digital edition microsite is custom branded for each publication to contain the fully hosted digital magazine  editions.

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