Making the best use out of your home warranty


When something isn’t working quite right in your home, you shouldn’t wait for it to break completely. Making the right call to get your appliance or home system serviced is an important one. Most new homeowners do not know who to call when their fridge is on the fritz, so they will ask family, friends or (when in emergency) call up a random .

This may not be the optimal way to go around it. Your friends and family all seem to have inputs – some of which are true and some of which are inaccurate. That random repairman may be honest and helpful, or, alas, cause more damage than good. If you have been at this scenario you know these pitfalls very well, but the question is “what are my  alternatives?”.

If you have never heard of a home warranty, now is a good time. This is a service designated precisely to assist in the aforementioned  scenario.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a service plan on existing home appliances and home systems. For a small monthly fee, the home warranty will provide some peace of mind knowing that if something breaks in your home it will be repaired or event replaced through the  coverage.

If you already own your home, you can still take part in this great service plan. You can call a local provider and answer some questions about your current home appliances and home system. They may schedule a time to come out and inspect the home appliances or systems to ensure they are in proper working  order.

Finding a local home warranty provider may prove a little tricky, so using review websites may be able with finding the right company. Remember that each home warranty company offers different coverage and has varying costs, and even more importantly – some of them are outright  scams.

Beyond finding a local home warranty provider and getting into a service agreement, you should know how to make the best use of your home warranty program. The most significant decision is when to call your  provider.

When to Call

Finding one of your appliances isn’t working as it should is never a good thing. What is a good thing is knowing who to call. If you have a home warranty you will make the same call if your AC is out, or if your dishwasher isn’t running properly. No matter what is wrong with your appliance or system, always call your provider first. If work is done on your appliance prior to letting your home warranty provider know about the issue, it may not be reimbursed. It is always a good idea to go through them  first.

Your home warranty service will call local services to come and work on your appliances. Depending on the coverage you have, you might not even pay for the service call. Other coverage have a flat rate service call, but you wouldn’t pay for anything beyond that flat fee. You can even request a service call online with some providers, saving you the time and hassle of calling and possibly waiting on  hold.

When Not to Call

When having routine maintenance done on your home appliances or home systems you do not need to call your home warranty provider before hand. However if the service person finds something wrong with the appliance or home system, call your home warranty provider before having the service person perform any of the work. Catching a need for a repair is great! However if you have the work performed without the go ahead from your home warranty provider, it could be difficult to get reimbursed or get coverage at all. Always call if something needs to be repaired. The call can save you money, time and  frustration!

How to Request a Claim

If one of your home’s appliances or home system isn’t working properly call your home warranty provider. They will ask you some questions and they will call to have a service person come and look at the problem. Some home warranty providers have online claims, saving their customers the hassle of making the phone call, but your home warranty provider may still call you to make sure they have all of their questions answered before sending someone out to service the appliance or home  system.

No Doubt

Whenever there is an issue, it is always better to be safe than sorry and call your home warranty provider. You can talk to the home warranty customer service and if they do not think your claim would be covered, they will let you know over the phone. As mentioned before if a routine service on your appliance or home system shows a repair that needs to be done, call your home warranty provider before allowing any work to be done on it. One call could save you time, frustration and  money!

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