Managing the Communication Leviathan Called the Super Bowl

By Fluke, Special for  USDR. 

For more than 100 million fans around the world, there is one big game they wait all year to watch on TV. So imagine how they would feel if communications failed and they were left looking at a blank  screen.

Thanks to Seattle-based WBL Services, that isn’t going to happen. The company is responsible for electrical/communications network reliability at the University of Phoenix stadium hosting the big game and part of their arsenal to keep it all working is Fluke  tools.

Now you can follow along as they prepare for the big game by visiting the Fluke News Plus website to learn how the team from WBL Services uses Fluke Connect™-enabled electrical meters and infrared cameras, plus earth ground testers and power quality tools to keep these low voltage systems working at peak efficiency. Everything from broadcast audio and video quality and to wired and wireless communication systems for coaches, players, and officials is being tested to ensure the utmost reliability for game  day.

Watch the preparations for the big game at:

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