Meeting Polar Bears

By Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions, Special for  USDR

For the first time, Spring Polar Bears and Icebergs of Baffin Photo Safari takes travellers into the heart of the high Arctic – an area seldom explored – in early spring. This new expedition by Arctic Kingdom offers unprecedented polar bear and iceberg viewing, photography opportunities and exclusive access to this spectacular region like never  before.

Canada’s high Arctic is one of the most special places on the planet to see polar bears and possibly even cubs,” says Graham Dickson, Arctic Kingdom Founder and President. “While Churchill is renowned for polar bears in fall, Baffin Island is the Arctic’s hidden jewel with year-round polar bears. We are thrilled to share this incredible location with the world and make travel here in early spring possible for the first  time.”

Arctic Kingdom is the first tour operator to offer a high Arctic and polar bear experience at this time of year. With departures in March and April 2017, adventurous travellers and photographers have the chance to experience rare sightings of polar bears as they venture on to the sea ice and climb majestic icebergs. This is an event only previously experienced by the most seasoned  Inuit.

Guests explore the wilderness of Baffin Island with local Inuit guides by snowmobile and qamutik (traditional Inuit sled) before retreating to a specially designed Arctic Safari Camp set on more than 2.5 meters (8 feet) of solid sea ice. The remote camp is surrounded by vast landscapes, snow-capped mountains and soaring icebergs, with opportunities to see Northern Lights at night. After full days of discovery adventurers are welcomed by gourmet meals prepared by a professional  chef.

“More adventurous than ever before, this is a true high Arctic experience. Being immersed in the world of the polar bear, out on the sea ice in spring and surrounded by the raw, untouched beauty of the Arctic landscape; it is polar bear viewing at its best,” says David Briggs, Arctic Kingdom Senior Expedition Leader and photographer. “There are unrivaled opportunities for award-winning photography at every turn. From seeing polar bears far above the treeline climbing on icebergs, to the dramatic land and icescapes, and awe-inspiring Northern Lights at night, this expedition is quite simply a wildlife and landscape photographer’s  dream.”

About Arctic  Kingdom

Arctic Kingdom is the global leader in land-based travel, custom experiences and logistics in the Arctic. Unparalleled expertise in Arctic wildlife and habitat, and unmatched access, built through years of experience and deep-rooted relationships with local Inuit communities, allows Arctic Kingdom to provide the most incredible Arctic experiences in safety and comfort. Arctic Kingdom uniquely offers polar bear viewing in every season throughout the year, as well as exclusive opportunities to safely see narwhal, bowhead whales, walrus, and even polar diving. From scheduled Arctic safaris, to private journeys, and logistic support for film & TV productions, Arctic Kingdom has been crafting legendary Arctic adventures for almost 20 years.

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