MLB Faces Challenge

By HMG, Special for  USDR

Attorney Robert Hilliard, who, earlier this year filed a class-action lawsuit against the Major League Baseball (MLB) association, the commissioner of MLB Rob Manfred, and the office of the commissioner, alleging Manfred has failed to uphold his duties to enact safety measures against the danger of foul ball and bat injuries urges Manfred to take action  now.

In an Aug. 22nd 2015 email sent to Mr. Manfred, Hilliard  states:

“Mr.  Manfred,

Enough is  enough!

If what happened last night at the Tigers-Rangers game in Comerica Park does not cause you to immediately on an emergency basis issue a league wide mandate for the extension of safety netting then you need to submit your resignation and allow this decision to be made by your  replacement.

Watch this  video:

Look at the human concern on the faces of the men who play this game they love as they stare at the consequence of a foul ball slamming at lightening speed into the face of a helpless fan. Listen to the commentators acknowledge the life-threatening dangers to fans by these rockets coming off of  bats.

Now, read the comments of Justin Verlander and the other players who watched in horror this event  unfold.

There is simply no time to waste when the lives of fans are at  risk.

Before the afternoon games on this late summer  Saturday.
Before you run out of luck and a death  occurs.
Step  up.
Do the only thing that makes sense at any human  level.

I am imploring you. On behalf of tomorrow’s victim. Because as sure as you are reading my words that next victim will be it a young boy, or a old man, or a professional with a full career ahead of  them.

Stand up for this game we all love. Stand up and be the voice of the players who will support and applaud this  decision.

But beyond that, beyond any other consideration, save a  life.”

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