Movie Provides Inspirational Story of a Top Ten Miss USA Participant

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The month of May has been what dreams are made of for Allee-Sutton Hethcoat. She is a person who inspires and motivates young women throughout the country with her work as an actress, model, and soon-to-be  attorney.

Allee-Sutton finished in the top 10 at the Miss USA pageant held on May 14th in Las Vegas, and her new movie “Remember The Goal” came out on DVD May 16th. She will get her law degree from the Nashville School of Law on May 27th and has announced that she will reprise her inspirational character as a female coach from “Remember The Goal” in a new follow-up  movie.

The actress competed in her first pageant last October and won Miss Tennessee USA, which gave her the right to go to Las Vegas for the Miss USA event. “What an honor to have made the top 10,” said Allee-Sutton on her Facebook page. The actress competed against 51 other contestants to finish in the top  10.

Allee-Sutton played the lead role of a coach in the first-ever movie about girls cross country when “Remember The Goal” opened in theaters last August. The movie is currently available on DVD from the movie’s official website,, plus other outlets including  Amazon.

“Remember The Goal” is about a young female coach fresh out of college who takes over the cross country program at an all girls’ Christian high school and attempts to lead them to their first-ever state title. As the runners begin to train, the top five girls all deal separately with particular issues relevant to teen life. As each of these stories unfold, so does the wisdom of the young coach as she guides the girls along the pathway of  life.

Three-time Olympian and multiple world record holder Jim Ryun said the movie “was fine family entertainment and has a timely message that will resonate to the athlete and non-athlete  alike.”

When asked about the talent of Allee-Sutton, “Remember The Goal” Director Dave Christiano replied, “I don’t know many young ladies who can play the lead role of an athletic coach and then go to Las Vegas and almost win Miss  USA.”

Allee-Sutton will receive her degree this month from the Nashville School of Law and has expressed interest in going into entertainment  law.

Christiano is going to team up with her again in a follow-up movie to “Remember The Goal” He is currently writing a new script titled, “The Perfect Race,” with Allee-Sutton playing the same character from the first movie. Filming is expected to begin next  spring.

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