Mrs. Obama Can’t Recall How Long She Has Been Married

By  MRCTV, Special for USDR.

Michelle Obama couldn’t remember how long she’s been married to the President of the United States at a “Q&A With Children at Take-Our-Daughters-And-Sons-To-Work Day” event at the White House today – vacillating from “twenty-something years” to “over a decade” – before settling on, simply, “a while.”
QUESTION: “How long have you been with Barack   Obama?”

MRS. OBAMA:  “Have we been married?  Twenty-something years.  (Laughter.)  Wait, somebody.  You guys know the date.  When was it?  It’s been over a decade.  It’s been a   while.”

Turns out, Michelle married Barack on Oct. 18, 1992 – so, they’ll be celebrating their 23rd anniversary in about six   months.

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