MT: Most Popular Trading Platforms: Features and Advantages


MD: There are a lot of trading platforms, and it is important to choose the most suitable one for your trading strategy to succeed in this  sphere.

Comparison of Most Popular Trading  Platforms

There is a wide range of Forex trading platforms so that it is not easy to choose the best one. They have some similar features, but also offer users completely different experiences. To save your time on finding the most suitable trading platform, we have prepared a list of the best ones  below.

MetaTrader 4 –  MT4

This trading platform is one of the most popular among traders due to its convenience and easy-to-use interface. It was designed by Metaquotes company in 2005, and it is still in favor, even though there are a lot of more recent platforms. The key benefits of  mt4  are the  following:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • A lot of tech indicators;
  • Auto-trading options;
  • Free client terminals;

Just try to register in free demo version to see all these advantages with your own  eyes.

MetaTrader  5

This platform is the successor of the abovementioned one. This software was released in 2010. It has some advantages and improvements if to compare with the older version, but it does not support Expert Advisors, which have been extremely popular with customers of MT4. That is why a lot of users of the older version did not migrate to MT5. Brokers offer not only a free demo but also a possibility to trade live with the help of this  platform.


Currenex is one of the biggest forex platforms, allowing to trade live. Its major advantage is a possibility to transmit trades to a variety of liquidity providers via sophisticated technology. However, you should have the minimum of $20,000 to open an account with the broker, offering this trading  platform.


ActTrader is another popular trading platform, which allows users to fully customize it. Among the advantages of this platform is a one-click trading feature that gives an opportunity to open and manage positions much faster than on can do this on other platforms. There are also to apps, called FXAapps and ActVat, designed to automatized trading strategies. FXAapps is suitable for programmers, while ActVat is perfect for those, who do not want to deal with code  writing.

Mirror  Trader

This platform provides users with a variety of trading strategies with the help of advanced technology. It works in three modes: automatic mirroring, semi-automatic mirroring, manual trading. Automatic mirroring allows you to choose trading strategies and send them on forex account without any confirmation. With semi-automatic mirroring, you will be able to look through available strategies and send them on forex account manually. Manual trading gives an opportunity to use discretionary trading  decisions.


This platform was created by Spotware, and it offers a wide range of tools, access to many liquidity providers and high execution  speed.

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