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By Matrix Initiatives, Special for  USDR

Zicam®, a leading provider of over-the-counter homeopathic cold shortening, allergy relief and allopathic nasal congestion products, today announced the launch of ColdSense, the first ever iPhone app designed to help evaluate a user’s potential exposure to the common cold. ColdSense uniquely utilizes smartphone sensors to actively listen for coughs and sneezes around a user to determine potential risk of exposure and combines this with multiple other indicators to create a constantly updating personalized risk  profile.

“We live in an age when nearly everyone has a smartphone with them 24/7,” said M’Lou Walker, CEO of Zicam®. “And because we take them everywhere, our smartphones can help alert us to our likelihood of exposure to the common cold. The result is ColdSense, an app that leverages smartphone data to help do just  that.”

The Zicam® ColdSense app, designed by Current Studios, evaluates a user’s potential exposure to a cold through a proprietary algorithm that analyzes and applies a weighted value to key indicators in real time. With permission, ColdSense uses and continuously updates personal smartphone data such as location, travel plans, calendar activities, sleep trackers, health wearables, external information from weather and sickness forecasting, mapping platforms, and social  statistics.

“No one has time to put up with a cold for longer than necessary,” said Lori Norian, VP Marketing for Zicam®. “ColdSense uses the latest in smartphone technology to provide an engaging and playful way to detect potential risk factors throughout cold  season.”

Zicam® Cold Remedy products help shorten a cold when taken at the first sign of cold symptoms. Zicam is the first over-the-counter brand to bring a comprehensive, personalized, cold-detecting solution directly to consumers’ hands. Key features of ColdSense  include:

  • Cough-A-Lyzer and Sneeze-O-Meter: Leveraging first-of-its-kind audio analysis, ColdSense detects the approximate number of coughs and/or sneezes around a user.  The app also records and playfully analyzes a user’s personal cough and/or sneeze style to be shared with friends.
  • Calling all Weather Warriors, Sleepy Heads and Jetsetters! ColdSense generates notifications when a user may be at risk for possible exposure to the common cold. Triggers can range from traveling from one temperature to another, missing or catching up on necessary sleep or racking up miles on the road.
  • Personalized trend tracking over time: Users are able to compare risk factors by day, week, month or year for trends in potential exposure to a cold. Over time, ColdSense builds on user data, taking into account both personal and environmental risk factors.
  • Did you know? ColdSense brings a dose of humor to the common cold with catchy ‘fun facts’ around every corner.

While ColdSense is not intended to be professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, it is an engaging and entertaining way to monitor a user’s potential risk of exposure to the common  cold.

The Zicam® ColdSense app is available on any iOS platform and free for download in the App Store at If it’s news to you that you can shorten your cold if you start taking Zicam® Cold Remedy products at the first sign of symptoms, visit to learn more.  Here you’ll see our wide range of products and to learn how you can Get Your Better Back™  faster.

About  Zicam®
Zicam® Cold Remedy products reduce the duration of a cold when taken at the first sign and used as directed. While most cold medicines are designed just to mask cold symptoms, homeopathic Zicam® Cold Remedy is completely different®, because it has ingredients that are clinically proven to shorten a cold. With Zicam® Cold Remedy’s cold shortening powers, you can get back to the real you – the person you are without a cold- faster. Zicam® Cold Remedy is the #1 cold shortening brand in the USA based on sales data of cold shortening brands.  Zicam® Get Your Better  Back™

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