New Player in Phone Protection

By Phantom Glass, Special for  USDR

High quality tech accessory brand Phantom Glass™ is the ultimate in device protection. Using the latest Corning® Gorilla® Glass technology, Phantom Glass™ offers unique screen protectors that work to resist impacts and scratches, keeping devices safe under almost all circumstances. Available online and at select retailers, this top of the line, tempered glass screen protector is currently designed for smartphones, tablets and cameras. Ranging in price from $34.95 to $59.99and complete with a no-hassle Lifetime Warranty program, Phantom Glass™ is superior in the world of screen  protection.

All Phantom Glass™ products feature a proprietary and patent-pending silicone nano-adhesion layer, which allows the screen protector to install itself in under 30 seconds, with no bubbles. The layer even works to fill most minor surface scratches on older, previously unprotected devices. The quality of the screen protectors offer a smoother touch that is 100% clear, with zero image distortion. The thinness of the product makes it seem as though there is nothing on your phone, and is compatible with most cases, ensuring a seamless  fit.

“After seeing friends and family with cracked phone screens, I was unimpressed with the cheap, film options for mobile protection,” states Phantom Glass™ Founder and President Richard Waters. “Above all, it irritated me to see bubbling, peeling and scratched screen protectors. I wanted to develop a product that actually  worked.”

Phantom Glass™ is making a name for itself as the must-have tech accessory in the industry. The brand’s signature screens ensure optimum defense while maintaining a sleek, barely there look to your device. The protectors are available for Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Canon, Nikon and Sony products, among  others.

“I wanted to create something that would give people peace of mind if they accidently dropped their device,” continues Waters. “The design and technology behind the Phantom Glass™ offers this security. I believe in the quality of the product, and wanted customers to feel the same, so we offer a Lifetime Warranty to build this  trust.”

About Phantom  Glass™

Phantom Glass™ is a Canadian startup established in 2013 by Toronto entrepreneur Richard Waters under Proprietary Innovation Labs Inc. The tempered glass screen protector ensures maximum impact and scratch protection for mobile phones, tablets and cameras. Newly added to the brand’s product line are privacy screens for business consumers. Phantom Glass™ sold over 100 thousand units in its first fiscal year and offers 100 skus for purchase in over 190 countries online. Phantom Glass™ can also be found on its webstore and on Amazon® in the United States. Accompanied by a lifetime warranty, Phantom Glass™ is the last screen protector you’ll ever need™. For more information visit Phantom  Glass.

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