New Solution to Distracted Driving


Many automotive technology features which were created to enhance safety can actually become major distractions for drivers. With 25% of all accidents being caused by driver distraction, many of them now result from user error with navigation systems. Accident statistics surge in congested downtown/urban areas because of drivers negotiating unfamiliar streets or looking for parking garages. The latest hands-free/voice-command technologies allow drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road and park safely at their  destinations.

“The newest Android and Apple phones have a voice command that turns the phone on,” says William Lerner, automotive safety expert and executive consultant for iPark/Imperial Parking. “Before approaching your vehicle, to find the nearest iPark garage, these are the steps to follow with a Galaxy S6 Edge (for example): ‘OK, Google…Open Google Maps…OK, Google…Navigate to the nearest iPark’. These simple steps will get you to your destination in the fastest, safest way  possible.”

Voice-command navigation works the same way using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which will soon become the model of in-car navigation systems. Available heads-up displays (navigation projected directly onto the windshield above the steering wheel) place turn-by-turn directions in front of your car, eliminating the need to look at the navigation screen on or in your dashboard. Whether visiting NYC from a local area or out-of-state, this technology will safely navigate to the iPark garage closest to your  destination.

About  iPark
Founded by Jack Lerner, Imperial Parking Systems, now iPark, has been in the parking business for over 60 years, and is currentlyNew York’s largest family-owned parking garage. Imperial Parking Systems began with a single 25-car lot and Lerner’s commitment to service and attention to detail. Decades later, iPark stands as a growing monument to the vision of its founder. With over 100 parking facilities throughout metro New York – and still growing – iPark is a pinnacle of service in the parking industry.

About William S.  Lerner
William S. Lerner is the executive consultant to iPark/Imperial Parking, New York City’s largest privately-operated parking garage company. Lerner’s many years of strategic expertise and knowledge in the automotive and consumer safety industries allow iPark to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of the city. As a successful American inventor, Lerner has been awarded 14 patents in the consumer, industrial and defense sectors where his display technologies have been widely recognized. Lerner’s philanthropic endeavors support various charities including Cabrini Ministries and Billy 4 Kids, a non-profit organization that provides shoes to children in developing nations and impoverished areas of the  world.

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