No More Burnt Wick Taste: 6 Tips for Keeping Your Coils from Burning Out

Let’s face it, no one likes for things to taste bad, and burnt wick taste is certainly no exception. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to experience this taste sensation, a burnt coil/wick was the culprit. Here are 6 tips to keep your coils from burning out and making you think you just inhaled a piping hot cheese grater.

1. Choose Your E-Juice Wisely

With so many vaping flavors out there, it’s hard not to shop candy flavored vape juices and e-juices. But you have to be careful what e-juice you choose. Using vape juices that have higher sugar content is one way to quickly gunk up your coil, causing it to heat to higher temperatures. You also want to use e-juice that has a higher PG content than VG. PG soaks the wick more quickly, which leads to fewer dry hits and a longer lasting coil.

2. Prime Before You Puff

Priming your coil is a good idea whenever you get a new coil. You want to make sure the wick is saturated before use. Add a drop of juice to each hole on the coil and inside the head. Take 4 to 5 pulls without firing your vaporizer. And when you’re ready to fire it up, start slow and low.

3. Keep a Full Tank

When your tank is running low, you run the risk of the wick drying out and the coil overheating, burnt wick and burnt trachea. When your tank gets low, your wick has the potential to dry out and your coil can overheat and burn out. You will also end up with a not so pleasurable dry hit.

4. Reduce the Power Setting

Cloud chasing is fun, but in order to get those bigger puffs, you have to use a higher wattage. Vaping regularly with high wattage can burn your coils faster. If you are a daily vaper, then you can extend the coil’s life by hitting it at lower wattages. This isn’t likely to take the joy out of vaping.

5. Clean Your Coils

When you clean your coils you increase its life span, not to mention that it improves the flavor of your e-juice. First, clear out as much of the excess juice as possible, then run the coil under hot water. Let it sit to air dry. When it’s totally dry, attach it to your vaporizer and hit fire until it is completely heated. Let cool and then repeat. If everything looks good, you’re good to puff another day.

6. Slow Down

Chain smoking, chain vaping, it’s not a good thing. Don’t overpress the firing button, and do leave enough time between hits that your wick can absorb more e-juice and the coil can cool down. Dry hits are a sure way to burn out your coil.

Following these tips can save you both time and money. Not having to go to your favorite vape shop as often to buy replacement coils. If you’re going to vape it’s a good idea to get to know your device so that you can have a pleasant and safe relationship.

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