Open the Shutters and Let Spring In! It’s Time to Start the Day on a Bright Note


At last, spring really is in the air. It seems to have been away forever, but finally, if you look closely, you can see the season changing. This means, of course, that it is time to cast off the drabness and dullness of winter and embrace spring with a burst of bright color and light, airy, brightness. At  last!

Make it  light
The best place to begin this process of renovation is in your home. Is it still wearing the cozy, warm, but now slightly oppressive look of winter? If so, it’s time to move on, and to revamp your living space to become brighter, lighter and more airy. Windows are a good starting point: the more natural light, the better. Are you still stuck with old-fashioned drapes that trap dust and restrict your view of the sunshine? You may find that replacing all that fabric with some stylish and functional shutters gives your room a huge boost, letting you control the amount of light in your home in a way that suits your mood, and the  occasion.

Make it  bright
Speaking of mood – did you know that increasing the level of natural daylight in your home can actually make you feel better? That is just one good reason to dial up the brightness. If you are thinking of painting or otherwise re-decorating your living space, the new spring/summer season palettes are full of fresh, clear colors that can help you with this. Look out for light, bright tones such as white and blue, and maybe even try out some of the new acid brights like lime green and yellow. While these may be a little too much when applied to all four walls of a room, used sparingly and as accent features they can really lift and transform an otherwise ordinary living  space.

Make it  simple
When spring and summer arrive, you are unlikely to want to spend your days doing housework. So why not take this opportunity to cut down on the amount of clutter that most of us gather in our homes, and start afresh with a more minimalist approach? If you don’t want to throw things away, then do consider investing in some good storage solutions, so that your newly brightened living spaces are kept open and fresh. Once the clutter is gone (or is hidden!), the amount of maintenance required will drop considerably – leaving you much freer to get out there and enjoy all that the spring and summer have to  offer.

In short, many people can benefit from living in more bright and airy conditions – they are good for your mood, and effective light and ventilation are also good for your health. With spring on the way, this is the perfect time to revamp your home, so why not take a trip to the local stores, or look online, and see if there is anything out there that appeals? Just think light, bright and airy, and you will not go far  wrong!

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