Plus-sized Swimsuit Shopping Is Easier Than You Think


Have you ever found yourself at your favourite department store, drawn into the swimsuits section, admiring trendy selections only to find that they do not carry your size? Many women understand this frustration; nobody likes coming to the conclusion “my behind won’t squeeze into that” time and time again. In truth, standard sizing does not always offer friendly options for ladies with curves. Happily, online swimwear retailers have the freedom to specialize in plus-sized swimsuits. These retailers understand thatone size does not fit all, and that body type should be considered when creating a design. Thanks to forward thinking individuals, the fashion industry has heard plus-sized women’s cries for more. According to Woman’s Day, the average size of the American woman is now a size 16; the fashion industry is starting to recognize that “average” is no longer a size zero (if it ever was). It is time for those who are full-figured to embrace their curves, show off their sex appeal, and do so in clothing made especially for  them.

Every woman has her insecurities; many women, regardless of size might feel shy, or uncomfortable strutting it in a bathing suit. However, body positivity is on the rise and encourages even the shyest to embrace their shapes. Ashley Graham for example, is a size 14 model who was the first plus-size to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She took her campaigns online and now has her own collection available exclusively with, specializing in plus-sized swimwear. With the assistance of these websites, offering size guides to help you find what you need, you can feel sexy in a swimsuit that caters to your unique body. Ashley also has her own swimsuit line available for perusal online. She has teamed up with plus size swimsuit retailer swimsuitsforall and offers a sleek new look for curvy bodies everywhere, which you can check out at

Whether it’s on the beaches of Hawaii or at the Hot Tub in a Utah ski lodge, online retailers have your back because they sell year-round. When it is difficult to find standard sizes out of season at department stores, the chances of find deals and flattering fashions that cater to a fuller figure are slim. No matter where you travel, what your size is, or when and where you’ll be needing it, feeling confident in your swimsuit is something that everyone deserves. There is no need to avoid bathing suit related activities any longer because now your suit can work for you. For example, offers blouson styles, high-waisted bikinis, tankinis, sexy cut outs in their one pieces, as well as chlorine resistant active wear. You can search by style, size, and body type to find your perfect fit. Check out Ashley Graham’s new line of plus size swimwear  today.

Unfortunately, most brick and mortar shops are behind the times, and don’t cater to plus-sized ladies let alone have fashions designed for them. With that in mind, it is important to remember that just because you can’t find it on the rack, doesn’t mean it is not available – and right at your fingertips no less.Going on a warm weather vacation this fall? So celebrate your own Woman’s Day and let go of that fear; trust that specialty swimsuit retailers will ease your hesitations with the click of a  button.

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