Practical Advice For Your Finances


When you open up Google and search out ways to save money, you’ll find a lot of advice that doesn’t quite fit. Cutting out that $5 on a latte before work each day is just one example of financial advice that doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s a good idea if you’re actually making a daily visit to Starbucks. In fact, it’s the only time a boycott of the Seattle-based coffee shop makes sense, but it presupposes you have enough extra cash to be dropping $5 on a large cup of warm, frothy milk. If you don’t make these kinds of frivolous purchases, this advice loses its  value.

An essential part of saving money is reducing expenses, but for a number of Canadians, their expenses are out of their control. A sudden increase to their utility bill, an unavoidable refrigerator repair, a necessary trip to the mechanics — these are just a few of the ways some people end up spending money despite their desire to save. When they rely on their car to get to work, their fridge to store their food safely, and their utilities to stay warm, there’s no way to postpone or refuse these  payments.

If you get hit with enough of these surprise expenses, you won’t have enough cash to pay for these new responsibilities, let alone daily lattes. When a serious cash shortage is stopping you from making necessary payments, you need financial assistance from a Canadian lender like GoDay. Known for their fast, simple, and convenient small dollar loans, they offer same day access to anywhere between $100 and $500 for first time  borrowers.

A lender like the folks at GoDay can also be a surprising resource when it comes to financial information. After you check out their rates, terms, and conditions attached with their payday loans, make sure you head over to, where they list a variety of helpful links, including advice on budgeting, credit counselling, and financial apps. Their recommendations, combined with their financial assistance, can create a long-term solution for your short term cash flow  problems.

Sometimes, the most popular advice about finances doesn’t always work to your advantage. If you’re already bringing a thermos of coffee to the office each morning, you can’t exactly eliminate the expense of a to-go cup. What you can do is learn about the small dollar loans from lenders like GoDay. Practical financial assistance will always trump paltry tips from the first page on Google. It’s designed with your financial situation in  mind.

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