Quick Take: St. Vincent is Must Viewing

It receives 4 out of 5 stars in our review!

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief,  USDR.

The movie, St. Vincent, starring Bill Murray, was one of those films I was simply reluctant to watch for some reason.  Generally I am a fan of quirky independent films, but for some reasons I was resistant to watching this one.  I do not ever watch “small films” in the theater because if the special effects don’t require it, why not simply view them at home?  I knew I would get to this one eventually, but I wish I had watched it  sooner.

The film had foul language, inappropriate behavior, and a list of other reasons why one should not watch it.  But is was also full of great values and overflowed with a sense of humor.  Bill Murray’s addictive and self-destructive personality also had a warm heart.  He was a character that made one laugh and made one cry.  In fact, all of the characters in the film were outstanding.  The young actor Jaeden Lieberher was very believable and his charter quite touching.  At the young age of 12, he already has quite the  resume.

Melissa McCarthy actually played the “straight” character in the film and I frequently forgot who she was.  She was very touching and caring, and I cannot recall a single smart remark in the film.  If her goal was to prove her range as a character, she succeeded. It was an outstanding  performance.

Naomi Watts’ performance as a Russian “lady of the night” was outstanding.  Like watching McCarthy, I forgot who she was.  I kept thinking she was a recently discovered Russian actress.  Nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for best supporting actress and she should have received it.  She was part of an amazing  cast.

Funny, smart, and a morality tale, all wrapped up in one.  If you didn’t see it in the theaters, make sure you rent it or even buy it.  It would be an excellent addition to any film  library.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  Again, it is must  viewing.

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