Reducing Fall Risks

By Stannah Stairlifts, Special for  USDR

With decreasing temperatures and winter approaching, Stannah Stairlifts cautions that snow and ice can possibly cause an increase in slip and fall accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it’s estimated that falls account for roughly $31 billion in accrued medical costs each year. Moreover, falls become increasingly dangerous in the later stages of life. An icy walkway transforms from a minor nuisance into a hazardous road block and injuries caused by falls can have lasting effects that carry on throughout  life.

“It is unfortunately not uncommon to see a previously active person experience a rapid decline in overall health due to complications from a fall,” said Susan Wile Schwarz, director of communications, The Global Coalition on  Aging.

According to The Global Coalition on Aging, simple home alterations such as increasing the brightness of lighting, fitting your shower with grab bars or installing a stair lift, can help decrease your chance of falling. For example, these modifications can help an individual with an altered sense of perception due to dementia reduce the risk of falls and remain in their home  longer.

There are also some lesser known ways to lower fall risk. Many elderly people and their caregivers may not be aware of the connection between their overall health and proper skin care and nourishment. “Poor skin health can cause a decrease in sensory perception,” added Schwarz. “With less sensation in our feet and legs, we are a greater risk of falling and injuring ourselves.” According to Schwarz, this risk is particularly pronounced in those with diabetes and other conditions that negatively impact these  nerves.

While home modifications and caring for your body can reduce your risk of falling, both The Global Coalition on Aging and Stannah Stairlifts emphasize that it is equally important to maintain a healthy mind. Staying both physically and mentally active will ultimately serve a critical role in preventing injuries while simultaneously cultivating a positive approach towards  aging.

“A stair lift can provide independence to the elderly,” said Martin Stevenson, North American business development manager, Stannah Stairlifts. “In addition to offering protection against falls, stair lifts also provide a positive mindset for these individuals and allow them to remain active and productive members of society as they  age.”

Schwarz added that caring for an elderly person is a team effort and the ability to provide high-quality care is critical to maintaining an older person’s health, well-being and dignity. “Analyzing how we can prevent falls and provide better care for our injured loved ones highlights several important opportunities to change how society approaches aging,” said  Schwarz.

An increasing number of companies are beginning to see the value of applying an aging perspective to how they conduct business. With help from initiatives such as the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Ageing‘s: Age-Friendly Business Principles, businesses are discovering the importance of adapting proactive policies that acknowledge the increasing number of employees caring for an elderly loved one. By providing services such as flexible hours, setting different schedules, or allotting more telecommuting capabilities, these companies are finding that supporting their employees’ ability to fulfill their responsibilities at home also benefits their bottom line as fewer employees are leaving full-time work or coming to work  distracted.

“We need a care eco-system that ensures the later years of life are as rewarding as possible,” said Schwarz. “It is important that we are able to remain active and independent as we age because, contrary to popular belief, these years can be some of the most dynamic and rewarding of our  lives.”

Stannah echoes this sentiment as it also serves as the company’s core value. Stair lifts are a convenient way to re-establish independence and ensure your loved ones are navigating their homes safely and independently. The customer stories section on Stannah’s website is evidence that a proactive and positive approach helps elderly individuals spend more time doing the things they  love.

“We’ve found that a person will be much happier aging at home instead of an assisted living facility,” added Stevenson. “Stair lifts help keep people in the homes they love and avoid accidents that could disrupt their  lives.”

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Through research, public policy analysis, advocacy and communication, the Coalition advances innovative solutions and works to ensure global aging is a path for fiscally sustainable economic growth, social value creation and wealth enhancement. The Coalition operates along four pillars of health and wellness, education and work, financial security, and technology and innovation to promote basic reforms to address the 21st century’s age-driven demographic  realities.

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