Resources for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

By Tina Swithin, Special for  USDR

Struggling through a custody battle against an individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) can have dire effects on one’s mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Tina Swithin knows this better than anyone. After acting as her own attorney in a high-conflict custody battle that received international media attention, Tina accomplished her mission of protecting her daughters in 2013. With her own battle behind her, Tina has dedicated her life to supporting survivors of narcissistic abuse through her books, private consultations, webinars, non-profit organization and her Lemonade Power Retreats. In addition, Tina has launched The Lemonade Club, which is the first online, private forum for those involved in high-conflict custody battles. Tina prides herself on helping people turn life’s lemons into  lemonade.

Resources for survivors of  NPD:

  • The Lemonade Club: A custody battle with a narcissist can leave one feeling isolated. Tina Swithin’s private forum is a safe, secure place to discuss legal strategies, receive education on NPD and support one another. The Lemonade Club is limited to 250 members.
  • Books: Endorsed by celebrities, attorneys and mental health professionals alike, the Divorcing a Narcissist series and The Narc Decoder: Understanding the Language of the Narcissist are available in print, audio (Audible) or Kindle. Cumulatively, Tina’s books hold over 500 five-star reviews on Amazon.
  • Private Consultations: Interested in a fresh perspective or a new set of eyes on your child custody case? Tina Swithin provides private consultations to those who are fighting to protect their children from personality disordered individuals.
  • Lemonade Power Retreat: While there are many books, online resources and support groups for victims of narcissistic abuse, The Lemonade Power Retreat is the only program of its kind where attendees come together for a full weekend of camaraderie, laughter, support, validation, and healing. The Lemonade Power Retreat is an annual event led by Tina Swithin and the 2017 dates have been released. The retreat will take place on April 21-23 in Leyden, Massachusetts and includes accommodations, meals and group activities. The retreat is limited to 18 participants and has sold out in 2015 and 2016.

    “Each of us left with a long-awaited sense of peace and renewal. As with any trauma in life, unless someone has actually experienced it, the people around them just don’t get it. Each of us who attended were victims of either emotional, physical, sexual or financial abuse. Each of us could relate to something in everyone’s journey. The camaraderie we shared in a very short time period of time created a very strong bond among us. When we left the retreat, each of us was stronger and better equipped to deal with what our ex-narcissists would be throwing our way in only a matter of time.” – L.P., Attendee of the Lemonade Power Retreat (2015)

  • One Mom’s Battle: In 2011, Tina Swithin began a blog to detail her journey and struggles in the Family Court system. Today, that blog has blossomed into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing support to survivors of narcissistic abuse all over the world. While Tina is no longer overseeing the operations of the non-profit, she remains on the board of directors.

SOURCE Tina Swithin  LLC

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