Short Takes: Power Rises

Image result for Power risesBy Christian Price, Contributor, US Daily  Review

The book “Power Rises”, by R.M. Willis has, arguably, the greatest story of almost every book I’ve read.  Although this is a great story, the flow of it is off and the editing is lacking.  This book takes place from the view point of Rancoth, a light magi with a dark gift.  This book seems to have language for a young adult, if you read this book at the age of 13 you shouldn’t have any problems with understanding the book.  I’d give it 4.1 out of five stars.  This book has a lot of potential and can definitely be great in my opinion.  If you like magic and things like that, this book is great for  you.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5  stars

Length: 412  pages

Genre:  Fantasy

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