Some Guidelines for Safe Exploration of the Enigmatic El Yunque

If you are a nature enthusiast, El Yunque tours would be among your top picks among tours in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These glorious rainforests are home to over 240 species of unique flora. El Yunque is also home to the Puerto Rican parrot, which is among the 10 most endangered avian species in the world. If you are lucky, you might actually catch a glimpse of this rare species and even capture a photograph. However, El Yunque rainforest tours providers like VIP Limo Puerto Rico reiterate that there are some guidelines to be strictly adhered to for a successful forest expedition. We take look at some of  these.

Tips for a Safe and Fruitful En Yunque  Trip

  • Pick Your Guide Judiciously: Your guide will be responsible for the nature and quality of your trip to a large extent. Picking the right one is therefore important. Some will focus on showing you the biggest waterfall or some on the closest sights along the periphery. However, there are others who will provide you a range of options to choose from. You can pick from adventure hikes to waterfalls or even complete exploration of the forests. Trekking enthusiasts might even prefer a trek along the rough paths and terrains all day  long!

  • Negotiate Well: There are guides who overcharge tourists where you’ll need to get a title loan, who are new to the area. Some would even collect the cash and just show you only a couple of places. It is all about how informed you are. Before planning any tour here, you need to enquire about the places to go to in Puerto Rico and relevant details about these trips, preferably from locals. Before visiting El Yunque, know more about the sites to explore and the charges to expect. Better still, look for comprehensive tour plans that include guide support along with commute, refreshments and so  on.

  • Choose a Comfortable Duration: The guided tours offered here can range from an hour-long excursion to a day-long trip. Ideally, you need to settle for something in between. Maybe a 3-hour tour would be just right, if you aren’t particularly active. You will need that much time to explore all that you wish to and also for clicking  pictures.

  • Prepare Well: Ideally, you should book a comfortable ride from your place of stay to the forests. So, choosing a reputed cab service even before you leave for San Juan is recommended. Besides, make sure you apply loads of sunscreen and carry your sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat too, if you are sensitive to sunlight. Carrying a bottle of mosquito repellent is also wise. Make sure you are amply hydrated. Consider a light meal before starting off on your  trip.

It is of prime importance to be mindful of your surroundings during the forest tour. Make sure you stick to your group and never lose sight of your guide. Follow the direction boards accurately. There have been instances of travellers getting lost in these forests! Some have never  returned.

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