Startup Profile: ConnectPal


When it comes to social media, many of us are familiar and active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These social platforms allow us to engage with our friends and families, while also staying up-to-date with pop culture and current  news.

For content creators like bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, digital authors and so on, social media sites also serve as a marketing and audience engagement tools. While these sites provide access to a large group of people, they have been ineffective in helping the above-mentioned content creators monetize their content and profit from their digital contributions to the  web.

In 2014, ConnectPal, a content marketplace, set out to fill the void between social media and content monetization. Utilizing a monthly subscription model, ConnectPal has built a leading digital community where content creation is appreciated, monetized and  promoted.

The simple concept of providing leading digital content creators a platform where they control access, cost and the amount of information that is shared is revolutionizing the way these innovators are reaching their audience and getting  paid.

Built on a user-friendly interface, ConnectPal accounts are ready to use in three easy steps.  They are also designed to function like any other social media profile, with the exception that account holders set subscription prices to access content beyond the basic profile  information.

Once set up, the social community of ConnectPal subscribers browse through profiles in an easy-to-navigate directory featuring hundreds of profiles belonging to TV personalities, popular podcasters and vloggers, comedians, musicians and fitness  experts.

ConnectPal’s content monetization really is like a marketplace: while ConnectPal provides the digital space, creators are in complete control of subscription costs, content access and frequency of content creation. This unique strategy has proven attractive to some of today’s leading celebrities and popular personalities because it is easy to use and provides additional revenue, which, in turn, can be used to create new  content.

Some of ConnectPal’s most popular accounts belong to Canadian comedian Tom Green, former CNN correspondent and activist Jane Velez-Mitchell, tennis star and Olympic athlete Vince Spadea, medical expert Dr. Mitch and political commentator and radio host Neal  Boortz.

Podcasters and radio hosts have been especially drawn to ConnectPal as a premier content monetization tool, allowing them to offer richer more nuanced coverage on the issues they feel passionate  about.

“After stepping down from full-time radio last year, I was looking for a platform to podcast, and there is only one good choice — that’s ConnectPal. I get to do shows [podcasts] however I want, whenever I want, and I set my price for my work,” said Neal Boortz, who signed up with ConnectPal in  2014.

In the few short years since its creation, ConnectPal has grown to supply a much needed monetization tool for those who use the internet to share their ideas, art, videos and work. It has also become the home for exclusive  content.

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