Surviving Domestic Violence

By Kathleen Serenko, Special for  USDR

Domestic violence survivor and first-time author Kathleen Serenko taps the raw emotions and grief of abuse and emotional abandonment in her book, Twice Broken: My Journey to Wholeness. Ms. Serenko’s book can be purchased at

The book, Twice Broken, is a gutsy and emotional response to a life interrupted by domestic violence, emotional abandonment, infidelity and  divorce.

Excerpt from Twice  Broken:
Pain that begins in the soul cries differently than the pain of injury or the sadness of a bad day. It begins in the deepest part of who we are, and it passes through every fiber of our being on its way to an outward display of grief. A soul cry comes in waves, it has no words, and it cannot be  comforted.

Books can be purchased through and Amazon, as well as a number of local  bookstores.

Workshops and speaking engagements can be scheduled by emailing Twice Broken. Using her experience as a domestic violence survivor and trained facilitator, Ms. Serenko raises awareness and addresses common misconceptions about domestic  abuse.

Denis Boyles, editor and author of more than a dozen books, has this to say about Twice Broken’s real-life story of domestic violence and grief. “Viewing catastrophic change in a positive light is surprising and powerful. For any writer, let alone a new one, one of the hardest tasks is to combine intelligence with emotion. Kathleen Serenko’s story is one of ultimate triumph, not least as a writer. Twice Broken will undoubtedly be a  success.”

Book  Description:
Twice Broken is a brief, but power-packed story. It paints a vivid journey through abuse, abandonment, loss and grief without losing sight of the ultimate destination of physical and emotional healing. Ms. Serenko writes with a genuine and descriptive style that will challenge preconceived ideas about domestic violence, divorce, and the struggles of building a new life. Twice Broken will also deliver encouragement to those who are struggling through similar experiences. Because no life is spared from grief, Twice Broken will certainly touch the hearts of  many.

A percentage of each book sale will be donated to the national non-profit, Break the Silence Against Domestic  Violence.

SOURCE Kathleen  Serenko

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