The 10 Best Zombie Games Ever: The Ultimate List


Zombies have been around for quite some time, but their popularity has received a major boost lately. They invaded not only our big screens, but the small ones, too, making their way into our living rooms and pockets. Zombies have been the protagonists of many successful video games, but they are not a recipe for success in themselves. Sometimes major titles like Dead Island can be major flops, and casual games like Lost Vegas, the latest zombie-themed addition to the Royal Vegas game library, can be successful. Lost Vegas is the latest in a series of zombie games released by the Royal Vegas, but certainly the most successful. It allows its players to choose sides: they can either join the Survivors, or tag along the Zombies for some flesh-eating. One thing is common in both cases: the wins coming the players’  way.

Today, we are going to take a look at the list of The 10 Best Zombie Games ever released. If you don’t agree with our list, make sure to leave a comment about  it.

10. The “Left 4 Dead”  series

A rather unusual take on a zombie outbreak: players need to collaborate with other survivors (either real players or AI-controlled characters) to get to the nearest safe area. During their quest for safety, they’ll meet various classes of zombies, including several boss types, they have to  overcome.

9. The Walking Dead: Season  One

Telltale Games is known for its amazing, story-driven adventures – and TWD is not an exception. Inspired by the comics that served as a base for the TV series, the game focuses much more on character and story development than on mindlessly massacring the  undead.

8. House of the  Dead

This series is much closer to the mindless massacre I mentioned above. It’s an arcade game, where players don’t control the character’s movement. Instead, they use a gun (or a mouse in case of the PC version) to blast the zombies into  oblivion.

7. DayZ

What started out as a mod for ArmA 2 will soon turn into a standalone game. DayZ was an insane success, reaching 1 million players in a matter of months, and prompting the sale of over 300,000 copies of ArmA 2 within weeks from its release. A standalone version is in the works, with Q3/2017 as its likely release  date.

6. Dying  Light

You can go on a mindless zombie killing rampage in Dying Light, but you will most likely only attract more zombies out for your flesh. Dying Light is a stealthy, parkour and story driven game, with character development, a strong storyline, and some amazing visuals under its  belt.

5. The “Resident Evil”  series

Resident Evil is a franchise that stood the test of time. With tens of sequels, comic books, novels, animated features, and a series of live-action movies behind it, the game does not lack devoted fans. The latest movie in the series will come out next year, and so will the new title in the  franchise.

4. The Last of  Us

A great story meets amazing visuals, good acting, and great gameplay – this is The Last of Us. In the game, Joel and Ellie have to reach the end of their road through a post-apocalyptic landscape, and fight off the hordes of “infected” in the  process.

3. Half-Life

While most of the game is focusing on other types of enemies – soldiers, ninjas, Vortigaunts, and a series of biomechanical foes – zombies play an important role in this game. The most “zombie” part of the game is Ravenholm, which often seems like being based on pages torn out of a horror  novel.

2. Killing  Floor

A thrill ride filled with fun, guns, and flesh-eating monsters. While Killing Floor is not considered by many one of the best zombie games out there, its unique take on the undead makes it a notable title. And it’s insanely fun to  play.

1. Plants vs.  Zombies

Cliches and cheap puns, a catchy soundtrack and deep growls, laughs and excitement – PopCap’s tower defense title has it all. Plants vs. Zombies is the most successful game ever released by PopCap Games, spawning a series of sequels on any platform you can imagine. None of them are a match for the original release, though, which even featured Michael Jackson in his Thriller costume upon release (it was changed later, what a  pity).

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