The Fantastic Voyage Through the Universe

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CuriosityStream is the premier multiplatform destination for ad-free, on-demand nonfiction documentaries from around the world. Starting today, the independently owned and operated global SVOD company introduces the exclusive film Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places on newly designed  service.

Globally regarded as one of the most brilliant minds of our time, renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, teams up with CuriosityStream to take viewers on a once in a lifetime, personal journey through space and time as he explores the wonders of the Universe in the new documentary, Stephen Hawking’s Favorite  Places.

In the 25-minute film, premiering exclusively on CuriosityStream, Hawking leads viewers in his own CGI spaceship (the S.S. Hawking) to five extraordinary locations across the cosmos as he shares his own story of inspiration, curiosity, perseverance and ambition. The journey starts fittingly at The Big Bang, the birthplace of time and space and to which Hawking has devoted the majority of his life’s work, exploring exactly how the Universe formed. From there, Hawking takes viewers deep into a super massive black hole, Sagittarius A*, where he explains his theory of matter with a taste of his signature charm and wit, infused with inspiration and  humor.

Next up, viewers travel to Gliese 832C, the most Earth-like exo-planet in the Universe, the most likely location for any potential extraterrestrial life. Here, Hawking gives an introduction to The Breakthrough Listen project, aimed at listening for signs of intelligent life beyond our planet. Then, it’s on to Saturn, which Hawking calls “the most spectacular destination in the Solar System,” as he takes viewers on a guided tour of the giant planet’s fascinating rings and 60+ moons. Finally, it’s back to Earth inSanta Barbara, California, where Hawking fondly recalls his early career at Cal Tech and life along the sunny California coast with his young  family.

“My goal is simple: complete understanding of the Universe,” Hawking said. “It’s always been a dream of mine to explore the Universe. So, what if I could? Imagine I could go anywhere and see anything… join me on a fantastical journey to my favorite places, only on  CuriosityStream.”

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places is the first in a proposed series launching on CuriosityStream as part of the subscription service’s newly redesigned platform. Producers aim to feature other groundbreaking scientific luminaries who will share their own personal favorite places with  viewers.

“We tend to think of these exceptional individuals as geniuses—the scientists, authors or educators we know as their public persona. But, they are also incredibly fascinating people with children and families, and early childhood memories that have inspired their life’s work—the stories behind their story, which we don’t usually get a chance to hear about,” said Executive Producer Steve Burns. “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places provides that intimate, exclusive insight into his early life and the influences that have shaped his life and career, and the wonder and curiosity that drives and motivates one of the most visionary minds of our  time.”

To enhance the viewing experience, the new CuriosityStream interface now features triple its original content library with an upgraded rating system and recommendation engine to improve suggestions. The new platform also introduces custom-curated collections, showcasing the best content and experts, while a new responsive HTML5 player provides superior quality playback, built-in queue and on-screen  ratings.

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places is streaming now on CuriosityStream and is available to watch for free with a new 30-day trial. The on-demand nonfiction streaming service now offers more than 1,500 high-quality original and licensed titles, including the just-announced Science Media Award winning films David Attenborough’s Light On Earth and Origami Code.  Many of the titles are in 4K ultra-HD, and all are accessible on any device. To sign up or learn more, visit

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