The Release of a Scanner that will Create a Paperless Office

By CzurTek, Special for   USDR

A young Chinese entrepreneur has invented the world’s fastest scanner (according to Forbes).  It’s about to hit the market thanks to thousands of backers on Indiegogo. Turn a page, hit a button and it’s instantly in your iPhone, computer, and the cloud.  The dream of a paperless office or a paperless library archive; for decades challenged by technology and sticker shock – is now a reality.  An average book can be scanned in less than 5  minutes.

The Czur (pronounced Caesar) smart scanner looks and doubles as a stylish desk lamp— snaps up images in less than a second.  A Wi-Fi connection sends the images to your laptop, ipad, or smartphone, and Czur’s software automatically crops the page and makes the picture flat and smudges proof—optical character recognition means you can search text.  Never waste time storing and finding a physical document again. Now all personal and business papers, as well as books, can be archived and easily searched in the paperless  cloud.

Czur scans with a Sony sensor up to a large resolution format of 4608 x 3456 in 16 million pixels HD CMOS with a 32 Bit MIPS CPU.  But, its secret technology is a creative proprietary algorithm that’s been in the works for 3 years, which allows for seamless one-touch scanning to picture correction to cloud storage for any books, documents, files, contracts, or even solid objects.  A HDMI out port is included to project your live scans or cloud  archives.

The team behind Czur is based in China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, and the young entrepreneur, 29 year old CEO Kang Zhou, has even been recognized by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang with a golden key for IOT innovations.  Hardware entrepreneurs are increasingly using crowdfunding as a tool to disrupt the supply chain by cutting out traditional distribution channels; they sell direct to consumers at wholesale prices.  Zhou says, “We believe technology should be accessible to anyone so we set a price point that was affordable enough to start a digital archiving revolution previously only accessible to well funded projects like Google  Books.”

Its Indiegogo campaign has taken off fast almost surpassing $500,000 (putting the project at over 2000% funded).   At a price of$199, Czur is more affordable, faster, and easier to use than the clunky flatbeds or corporate ADF scanners we’ve all struggled with.  Zhou also wants to help the world go green, “We want to eliminate the photocopy button altogether.  Who needs paper anymore when you can scan instantly to your phone, ipad, computer, and cloud at the same time with one touch on  Czur?”


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