The Struggles of Ice Cream: A Complicated Relationship for Most Americans

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By ARCTIC ZERO, Special for  USDR


As summer heats up this month, the nation will be celebrating its favorite dessert1: July is National Ice Cream Month. Yet, if Americans had to classify our relationship status with ice cream, we might say “it’s complicated,” according to a new national survey2 conducted by an independent research firm for ARCTIC ZERO® Fit Frozen  Desserts™.

Among the key findings: About a third of American adults limit their ice cream consumption because they feel it’s not a healthy choice, and a quarter say they avoid eating ice cream altogether. Overindulgence in ice cream causes feelings of guilt. And nearly half of Americans (49%) and most women (54%) said they would prefer an ice cream they could eat every day without compromising their diet or wellness  goals.

Amit Pandhi, CEO of ARCTIC ZERO, said the survey demonstrates that people want a healthier option to satisfy their ice cream cravings, and the Fit Frozen category his brand pioneered – a lactose-free, low-calorie, low-sugar ice cream alternative — can give millions a reason to reach into the freezer  again.

“Our relationship with ice cream is an emotional one: we celebrate with it; sometimes we drown our sorrows with it,” said Amit Pandhi, CEO of ARCTIC ZERO. “But for millions of Americans, ice cream is not really a ‘simple’ pleasure: it’s a treat they cannot truly enjoy due to dietary restrictions like diabetes or lactose-intolerance, or because they want to maintain fitness goals. There is a national appetite for an ice cream alternative that delivers indulgence without compromise or  guilt.”

Mixed feelings about ice  cream

Among the findings of the survey, which was conducted by a third party research  firm:

  • Dietary restrictions keep many Americans from enjoying ice cream
    • 10% avoid ice cream because of dietary restrictions – the most common being low sugar diets due to diabetes or other reasons, and lactose intolerance. Other reasons include gluten sensitivity/celiac disease, vegetarian/vegan or desire to avoid GMO’s.
    • 14% forgo ice cream because they are either trying to lose weight or stay fit.
  • Portion control is an issue for many people: More than half of Americans have consumed a full pint of ice cream in a single sitting – and they don’t feel good about it. 41% of those that did (and 54% of women) felt guilty afterward; 10% felt physically ill.
    • One third of survey respondents report thinking “I can’t believe I ate that much! I meant to limit my portion size” after consuming ice cream.
  • One in four people feels that eating ice cream means they have to put in extra time at the gym.
  • 45% of Americans either always or frequently check nutrition labels on their frozen desserts before buying or consuming them – and more than half (51%) have changed their minds about indulging based on what they saw there.
  • Top five attributes Americans want in a healthier ice cream: low in sugar, low calorie, low or non-fat, free of artificial sweeteners, free of artificial flavors and colors.

Overall, younger respondents illustrated a trend toward healthy choices – those under 35 were most likely to check the nutrition label and to make decisions according to its content; and nearly 7 in 10 of those who limit ice cream consumption because it’s not a healthy choice are under  35.

Indulging without  compromise

The survey also demonstrated the tremendous appeal that ice cream holds: Americans love ice cream because it’s cool and refreshing on a hot day (62%), because it’s a treat or reward (60%) or because it cheers us up when we’re feeling down (36%).  More than a quarter say ice cream positively reminds them of their childhood. And more than ten percent of Americans say ice cream is the only thing that satisfies their sweet  tooth.

“People love ice cream for good reason,” said Pandhi. “ARCTIC ZERO was created so that fans of ice cream can indulge – free of concern about dietary restrictions, free of worry about blowing your diet, free of the guilt that can accompany giving in to your cravings and free of compromise on what matters – sweet, creamy taste in a variety of satisfying  flavors.”

ARCTIC ZERO was created by Greg Holtman, who was motivated by the experience of caring for his mother – a type-1 diabetic. While Greg and his family loved ice cream – most frozen desserts were packed with sugar and contained artificial sweeteners and ingredients, so Greg set out to create a healthier  alternative.

ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts™ are made with premium, GMO-free ingredients and contain hormone-free whey protein, fiber and monk fruit (a natural sweetener); and zero artificial flavors, sweeteners or  colors.

ARCTIC ZERO comes in twenty assorted flavors of chunky and creamy pints and four bar flavors. ARCTIC ZERO Chunky Pints feature 12 grams of protein, 12 grams of fiber and only 300 calories per pint (or 75 calories per serving). Creamy Pints deliver 12 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and only 150 calories per pint (or 35 calories per serving). Chocolate-dipped, individually wrapped bars are convenient grab-and-go treats featuring 3 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and only 80 calories  each.

Celebrating National Ice Cream Month with zero  guilt

Throughout the month of July, ARCTIC ZERO will celebrate National Ice Cream month with giveaways and product  experiences:

  • Followers of ARCTIC ZERO’s social media can enter the free pint-a-day giveaway every day through July 31st. One winner each day will receive a voucher redeemable for a pint of ARCTIC ZERO.
  • ARCTIC ZERO’s National Favorite Flavor Photo Contest on Facebook and Instagram invites people across the country to submit a picture of their favorite ARCTIC ZERO flavor. One winner from each of the 50 states will receive an ARCTIC ZERO pint party – including eight pints – shipped to his or her doorstep. Winners will be announced on National Ice Cream Day,July 17th. More information is available on the Photo Contest tab at
  • Every online order of ARCTIC ZERO in July3 will be accompanied with a free bonus pint voucher.
  • The afternoon of National Ice Cream Day, Sunday, July 17th, the ARCTIC ZERO truck will be at Whole Foods Market, 500 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, California handing out product samples.
  • Members of Crunch Fitness gyms in select locations in New York, Florida and California can also pick up a free ARCTIC ZERO pint voucher on National Ice Cream Day just for working out.

“We know that there will be many opportunities to get ‘free’ ice cream on National Ice Cream Day,” said Pandhi, “This month and year-round, we’re glad to offer a product that’s truly free of the things that prevent people from regularly enjoying their favorite frozen  dessert.”

Those interested in ARCTIC ZERO as a truly free alternative to regular ice cream can follow the hashtag #trulyfree for more  information.


Research firm Toluna conducted the online survey of 1,000 representative American adults for ARCTIC ZERO on June 21st and 22nd,  2016.


Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Diego, ARCTIC ZERO® is the pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts™ without all the fat and calories. Crafted from premium ingredients, ARCTIC ZERO is low glycemic, lactose free, gluten free and GMO free. It’s the perfect guiltless pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes. ARCTIC ZERO’s 300 calorie Chunky Pints, 150 calorie Creamy Pints and 80 calorie Chocolate-Dipped Bars offer everyone the chance to taste the sweet life with zero guilt, including those looking for a post-workout snack, watching their weight or following a special diet. ARCTIC ZERO is available at more than 14,000 natural and traditional grocers, including Albertsons/Safeway, Kroger, Publix, Sprouts Farmers Market, Walmart and Whole Foods Market, as well as online at and For more information, please visit or find ARCTIC ZERO on Facebook (, Twitter (@myarcticzero), Instagram (@arcticzero) Snapchat (@arcticzeroyum) and Pinterest  (

  1. Yahoo Insights survey, August 2015
  2. Online survey of 1,000 representative Americans conducted June 21-June 22, 2016 by third-party research firm Toluna
  3. Excluding discounted purchases via special offer



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