The Tech You Need for the Ultimate Gaming Room

Gaming is a hobby that is quite unlike any other. It has evolved from a niche market, inhabited almost exclusively by geeky boys, to a cultural phenomenon with participants of all ages and genders. Games have become exponentially more sophisticated as pieces of both entertainment and art over the last couple of  decades.

The gaming experience is one that demands the very best equipment. Sure, it’s possible to game on a tiny monitor with your controller plugged into some tinny speakers, or even a cheap plasma TV, but who wants that kind of experience? VR offers an entirely immersive experience, but for those who remain in the real world while they play, there is an array of tech you can add to your gaming room that will enhance your experience and give you the exact experience the developers  intended.


Sound is one of the key aspects of a truly immersive gaming experience and yet it is all too often overlooked when gamers are designing their battle stations. Surround sound means that you will hear sounds coming from the direction of their source relative to your character. In other words, if a barrel explodes behind you then you will hear the sound coming from the rear speakers. If you have experienced a quality home surround sound setup before, then you will understand the way in which it can significantly enhance the movie watching experience. Interactive media like gaming is even better  served.

Sometimes you will inevitably need to keep the noise down. That expensive all-singing, all-dancing surround sound system won’t do you any good if you have young children in the house who need to get to sleep. In these situations, you want a pair of quality headphones. Gaming headphones now are capable of either emulating surround sound or, in some cases, supporting it natively. Some people find that headphones offer a more immersive experience anyway and they are usually cheaper than buying a full  system.


Most people these days game on a TV. Now that 4K TVs are becoming more affordable, the quality on offer is phenomenal. However, you can save money by instead buying a dedicated monitor rather than a TV. If your setup is to be exclusively used for gaming, then a monitor will make more sense in most cases. Note that most monitors do not contain built-in speakers, so you will need a separate sound  setup.

Another way of getting fantastic visual fidelity is to invest in an HD projector. Check out for reviews of projectors. Remember, you will need a suitable space to project on to and you will also need to invest in separate sound  equipment.


Also worthy of inclusion in a gaming room – a comfy chair. This is more than just a matter of comfort though, as you want to maintain a good posture if you are sitting for long periods of time. You want a chair that you can comfortably sit up straight in for long periods of time. Remember though, the health risks of being immobile for long periods of time are real and shouldn’t be  ignored.

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, but if you are willing to put in a reasonable amount of money then you can buy a much more immersive  experience.

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