The Top 5 Android Apps for Vapers


The majority of vapers like to keep themselves updated on the new technologies and latest brands which are available in the market. Many want to know which brand of e-cigarette will work best for them and enjoy reading reviews from real people in order to make an informed decision about a product. Although there isn’t a great range of vaping apps in the Google Play Store, there are definitely some good ones. Here are the top five vaping Android mobile apps that any serious vaper will want to download straight  away.


This is a fantastic app for anyone who is looking for information, news and the latest trends in the vaping word. Within this app you’ll be able to find a range of reviews on the latest e-cigarette products, vape mods, starter kits, cartridges, and even e-liquids all in the same  place.


This Smokio app works alongside the Smokio brand of electronic cigarette and allows it to fully sync with your smartphone. It will record the number of puffs that you take from the e-cig and monitor the vitals recovery such as the heart rate and blood oxygenation. It is a good choice of app for anyone who is using e-cigarettes to quit smoking as you can track how much money you have saved by  switching.

E-Juice Me Up

If you’re a vaper who’s into making your own DIY juice, this app will be perfect for you. It guides users through creating their own e-liquid blends using the ingredients Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and nicotine to find a combination that has the best flavoring and nicotine strength depending on personal preference. This app is really easy to use, and allows you to share your unique recipes with friends and forum  members.

E-Cig Diary

If you are using an electronic cigarette in order to help you with quitting smoking, this is the app for you. It allows users to track their progress, including the amount of money that they have saved by switching to vaping, as well as tracking the improvement that the change has had on health. It also allows you to monitor the daily nicotine, tar and CO level that you are consuming and share your progress on social media  networks.


A one stop solution to all of your vaping needs, this app offers a variety of different brands of vaping products with a range of prices to suit everyone’s budget. From mods and batteries to starter kits and accessories, this app prides itself on the wide range of products that they have available for all of your vaping needs. VaporsShop also offers great discounts and the products are updated daily so you always get the latest additions. It’s a really convenient app if you do a lot of shopping on the go and mainly shop from your mobile device.

Do you use any of these vaping apps? Or if you’re interested in switching to vaping, check out this  website.

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