The Top 5 Nursing Careers


Careers in nursing are both personally and financially rewarding, and the field of nursing has more job security and stability than most others, thanks to a constant demand for trained, professional nursing staff. With the current shortage of nurses expected to increase even further over the years, statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast a larger demand for nurses than ever before. So, what are the best jobs in nursing? Whether you’ve just completed training, are already a nurse looking to switch career types, or are embarking on a course such as a fast track RN to BSN online in order to widen your opportunities, here are some of the best jobs in nursing that you might be interested  in.

Certified  Dialysis  Nurse

As a certified dialysis nurse, you’ll be giving assistance to people whose kidneys are no longer functioning properly, and need to use a dialysis machine in order to eliminate the waste from their body. There is a lack of certified dialysis nurses, and the demand for them is rapidly growing. Many certified dialysis nurses also enjoy a regular 9-5 working schedule, and you can expect to earn an average salary of  $63,000.

Certified  Legal  Nurse  Consultant

If you are a nurse who’s looking for a career out of the hospital, a CLNC is an excellent career choice. These nurses tend to work from law offices or even from home, with others working for health insurance companies, government agencies, or even private corporations. A CLNC is an RN who utilizes their healthcare expertise along with specialized training in order to consult on medical related lawsuits. The salary is around  $62,000.

Certified  Nurse  Midwife

CNM’s do much more than simply deliver babies – they provide a range of care to female patients, including gynecological exams, prenatal and postnatal care, and family planning. As a certified nurse midwife, you could work in a hospital, visiting homes, at a family planning clinic or at a private practice. The average salary is around  $84,000.

Nurse  Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist is one of the most highly paying jobs in nursing. These nurses collaborate with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other medical staff such as dentists who administer anesthetics to patients. Nurse Anesthetists must complete a specialized two-year program, and can expect to earn up to  $135,000.

Nurse  Case  Manager

For an RN looking to get away from regular ward work, a nurse case manager is an ideal career choice. Nurse case managers monitor the progress of patients, evaluate the care that they receive and can often also suggest alternative or extra treatments. Although most mainly advocate for patients, some also often work for insurance companies and find the most-cost effective healthcare solutions on their behalf. In order to become a nurse case manager you will need to complete an RN to BSN course, although specific certification in case management is not required for this role. The salary is around  $68,000.

Do you work in nursing? We’d love to hear about the different roles that you may have  had.

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