These Bedroom Décor Mistakes may be Disrupting your Sleep

Are you going to decorate or redecorate your bedroom? Well, you might want to think about it very carefully before making your first step on it. Redecorating or decorating your bedroom is such a very challenging task to do. There can be a lot of mistakes that one can make when it comes to choosing the right bedding that includes getting the right adjustable bed frame for your mattress, and choosing what are the right bedroom accessories you need to get. You need to know that making a mistake on decorating your bedroom can also affect you. Yes, it can and one mistake can also disrupt your sleep and your health.

There are many possible mistakes that one can make when decorating a bedroom, that’s why it is important to identify what are the mistakes that we might make, and how bad it can affect us, our sleep, and our health. In this article, these mistakes will be discussed to inform everyone how to avoid it and to have a good sleep at night — or even when you’re just napping on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

These are the following bedroom decorating mistakes that are disrupting your sleep

  • Wrong bedcovers– You’re probably not aware of bad bedding but it is a mistake about proper bed clothes such as choosing the right and comfortable bed sheets or bed covers. A wrong bedcover is when your bed sheets are not matching with your bedroom’s temperature. There are various types of bedsheet fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, microfiber, flannel, silk, and Lyocell. Each bed sheets fabrics are designed for a particular bedroom temperature and weather. Once you cover your bed with the wrong fabric in a wrong bedroom temperature or weather, it might disrupt your sleep. It could be too hot for you to sleep or too cold. That’s why before you decide on changing your bed covers, you might want to do a little research about the right fabric that you need on your bedroom temperature, and always pay attention to the
  • Uncomfortable and unhealthy mattress – You need to know that a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in our health, and a good night’s sleep starts the quality of your mattress. Don’t you know that some mattress can be very uncomfortable and might even trigger your allergies? Yes, that’s why you should be very selective when it comes to choosing the right mattress for you and for your family members. There are a lot of mattresses that are available in the market today, and that will be very confusing for you to choose which one is healthy and perfect for your sleep. Though to give you an idea on what mattress, make sure to choose a latex hybrid mattress that’s organic and fully made with natural materials. This type of mattress is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, that’s why you’ll be sleeping safe and healthy with this mattress.
  • Imprecise bed – An imprecise bed is when it has a low quality such as having an uneven cut slat, legs, and top rails. These characteristics of an imprecise bed can also damage your mattress, and leading you to have some disruption while you’re sleeping. An imprecise bed doesn’t have good detail on it and produces a squeaky sound whenever you move or change a sleeping position. That’s why it is highly recommended by the bedding experts to get a platform bed. It is made with long-lasting support and less struggle assembling it in your bedroom. A platform bed is a modern bed that has a lot of advance specs compared to the other regular beds. This type of bed has a standard size that every mattress will fit on it evenly. So, getting this type of bed will be more practical because it could last for a long period of time with consistent quality.


  • Erroneous Wall color – Of course the color of your wall on your bedroom matters too. Colors have a strong impact on us and our sleep, that’s why it is always preferable to paint your bedroom walls a soft color that’s very calming and relaxing. A bedroom wall that has a strong, warm, or neon colors can cause more heat inside your bedroom and some negative vibes. It could also affect your mood towards the people around you. A bright and smooth bedroom wall will always give a warmth and cozy vide so, it is advisable to paint or apply a wallpaper that has a calming color on your bedroom and avoid those warm and has some aggressive vibes wallpapers or wall paint.


  • Imprecise lighting – Your bedroom’s lighting should always match with your bedroom walls too because you will have an irritating vibe once your lighting doesn’t match with your walls, that’s why it was mentioned in the previous paragraph to have a soft color on your walls because soft colors match to any type of lighting. You also need to match your lighting with time. You need bright and calming light during the day time, and gradually minimize its brightness when night time is approaching. To turn off your lights before going to bed is a way to have a better sleep at night. Leaving any extra lights like fairy lights or your night lamp can be a disruption of your sleep. It is also dangerous to leave your night lamp or fairy lights on for hours because it might cause a short circuit on your socket.


  • Disorganization – When you’re decorating or redecorating your bedroom, one of the most common mistakes is to put too much stuff on it, that can end up your bedroom to be so disorganized. We live in a world where you can shop sofa online at a click of a button or buy groceries through an app. This convenience can sometimes lead to over-purchasing and a cluttered home. Too much pillow, having more than one or two tables, shelves and cabinet inside your bedroom can be very confusing to organize, and too much stuff on your bedroom can also consume some space that you will need to think peacefully. Disorganization can also disrupt your sleep, that’s why it is important to declutter any of your unnecessary things and save enough space in your bedroom. Imagine yourself sleeping in a bedroom that is very disorganized, you won’t be able to fall asleep faster because those disarranged things around you can be messed up with your thoughts. That’s why the Proper organization of your bedroom accessories is very important because it’s one of the elements that can clear up your mind whenever you spend your time in your bedroom.


  • Inexact rugs and carpeting – Rugs and carpeting are other elements that a bedroom needs to have. However, most people would get the wrong rug or place it in the wrong area in their bedroom, which is another mistake in decorating a bedroom. Rugs that are not too thick can still make some noise when you step on your bedroom’s floor. Placing your rug or carpet on the wrong side of your bedroom is also a mistake than can possibly disrupt your sleep. By getting a large modern rugs and place it around your bed, you will be able to sleep peacefully because you won’t be able to hear any noise from footsteps or any squeaky noise might make whenever someone stepped on it. 
  • Bedroom scents – one of the huge factors that help us sleep is the scent of our bedroom, that’s why whenever we smell something unpleasant inside our bedroom, it ruins a good sleep and our mood. Aside from the unpleasant smell, scents of strong perfumes can also disrupt your sleep and some other scents that can be too strong for us. Strong scents trigger a migraine, that’s why some people would wake up with a headache. This can be avoided by getting the right bedroom spray such as lavender, vanilla, or jasmine. Its purpose is not just to give a calming scent to our bedroom but also to help us fall asleep faster and continuous. You can also spray some essential oils to your pillow or around your bedroom to help you have a good night’s sleep.

Decorating or redecorating a bedroom might sound fun and exciting, but it is also a task that requires a lot of planning and decision making. However, decorating a bedroom requires a lot of time planning to get the right bedroom accessories and the whole setup and arrangement. It is okay to make mistakes in bedroom decoration but it is important for us to be aware of it, not just to avoid those mistakes but also to prevent any sleep disruption at night. This article is written to help you get the best home furnishing products that will blend together in your bedroom. Having enough knowledge when it comes to bedroom setup will definitely give you some advantage to be able to create a peaceful and relaxing private sanctuary of your own.

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