This Is Why You Need To Have a Dash Cam

Dash cam, also known as a dashboard camera, has increasingly grown in popularity over the past few years due to its immense benefits whenever there is an incident on the road. In simple terms, a dash cam is a camera mounted on the dashboard of a car to record images as well as sounds when the car is being driven. The main work of a dash cam is to record anything that might happen on the road and inside the car, and such usually have numerous applications especially during incidents encountered on the roads. While you think about fitting the car you just bought from a used car dealership in Phoenix AZ, you should also consider installing a decent dash cam due to the following  reasons-:


First-hand evidence in case of an  accident

Having first-hand evidence in case of a car accident is by the far the number one reasons why millions of people around the globe install dash cams in their cars. Dash cams are designed to record the moment you fire up the engine and it will capture everything that happens in front of the car as well as inside the car when you are driving. In the event of a crash, you can use the recording to prove that you are not the party at fault so that you don’t get embroiled in unnecessary responsibility battles. If you are afraid of being without any defense should you get involved in an accident, then you have every reason to consider installing a dash cam in your  car.

 Dealing with undisciplined  drivers

The other reason why you need to have dash cam is so that you may have evidence when you report unruly drivers on the road. If you have been a driver for any length of time, then you must have encountered who are very bothersome and annoying, and if we’re not cautious, you could have ended up in a crash. Such drivers deserve to be punished because they are endangering the lives of other road users, but reporting them and getting justice is nearly impossible when you don’t have sufficient evidence. With a dash cam, however, you can easily capture all their action and use this as evidence to have them punished for their erratic driving  behaviors.

Capture or prevent  crime

There are certain dashboard cameras with advanced features, such that in addition to being able to record what is happening inside and in front of the car, they are also fitted with motion detectors and alarms that will go off is a break-in into the car is suspected. Suppose the car is in parking, and a thief attempts to break in, the camera will be activated to record the motion taking place around the car, and if necessary, they may also sound an alarm to alert those who are around. In this manner, the attempts by the burglar may be thwarted. Some of the car may not have alarms but will record everything, including the faces of the criminals which you could then pass over the authorities to help track them  down.

Prevent insurance  fraud

I’m sure you have seen videos of certain fraudsters who stage intentional accidents so that they can get paid by the car owners. For example, you may have seen videos of people falling onto the hood of the car then pretending to be hurt so that they can be compensated. These are the kinds of insurance frauds that can’t succeed when you have a dashboard camera. Everything will be recorded and all you have to do is forward the tapes to the insurance as evidence against the fraudster. In this manner, no compensation will be given and the fraudster may as well get  arrested.

Ideal for concerned  parents

If you are a concerned parent and you want to know the kind of driver your teenage daughter or boy is, then you need to install a dashboard camera in the car. With a dash cam, you can view footages of their driving and guide them accordingly if you think they are making careless mistakes they shouldn’t be taking on the road. You can also use the dash cam to know if your kids are fond of having unexpected passengers in the car, or simply they usually make errands they shouldn’t be making with the  car.

Record memories of your road  trips

Road trips are supposed to bring a lot of fun and help you create very beautiful memories. Taking photos is always an important part of the trip, and you can use a dash cam to help you get more and better footages of the places you visit. All you have to do is get a dash cam with a high resolution and let it record your entire road trip experience. It will not just record what the road ahead looks like, with the various sceneries, but also it will record the experience everyone inside the car was  having.

Record unexpected  occurrence

Have you seen the video where a pack of gazelles is getting chased by a cheater and one jumps right into a car for safety? This was recorded by a dash cam of the driver behind. These are some of the memorable experiences that wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have a dash cam. Other than just recording incidents, you can use a dash cam to record such unexpected occurrences, both good and bad during the trips you  take.

The bottom line is that a dash cam is such a wonderful accessory and an appropriate inclusion in your car. They are cost effective and are available in a variety of styles and designs such that you are always free to pick up the ones that most suit your needs. They are easy to install and will never come in the way of your driving in any  way.

Besides these, some of them come with interesting and advanced features that will not just record incidents on the road, but also will avail to you much more that will make you have a very exciting driving experience every time you hit the road. They should be a must-have for every smart driver out  there.

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