Top 5 Common Driving Offences


Learning to drive and getting your first car are two of the high points in many people’s lives. Having the independence to go where you want is a great feeling. However, with driving comes great responsibility; not only to you and your passengers but also pedestrians and other road  users.

That is why it is important never to drive while under the influence or alcohol or drugs. This can impair your reflexes and decision making and can lead to an accident. It is also why you must drive by the rules for your safety and that of others. Here are the top five most common driving  offences.


This is one of the most common types of driving offence. Roads have set speed limits depending on the road conditions and whether it is a residential area. Ignoring these limits can be dangerous, and this is why police officers will stop any motorist they suspect of driving over the speed  limit.

Using a Mobile Phone while driving

It is something that has become a recent problem with almost everyone now owning a cell phone. The issue is the distraction it causes while driving, especially if texting as you are not looking at the road. Talking on a mobile is also an offence as you are not in total control of the vehicle when using your  phone.

Driving while intoxicated

Otherwise known as DWI or DUI, driving when you have had a drink is dangerous and can result in accidents that can injure you and other road users. The police take DWI’s seriously and will arrest anyone driving that fails a roadside breath  test.

Driving without insurance

Driving without insurance does not only put you at risk, but it also affects others as well. If you were involved in an accident, then not only would you not be able to claim for your car or any injuries, the same would apply for any passengers traveling in the car with  you.

Failing to stop at a red light

The ramifications of this are obvious, as not stopping will endanger you and other people on the road. With the addition of CCTV cameras, more of these offences are being seen, and the drivers sought out by the  police.

Other Offences

There are other common offences including dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and tailgating. While not all these offences will result in arrest, it will go on your record, and if you continue to offend, you may be disqualified from driving for a  while.

If you do find yourself facing conviction for a motoring offence, you should always seek the advice of a DWI defense attorney who can help you. They can represent you and depend on your circumstances; they can either plead your innocence or try to get a reduced  punishment.

You can decide to represent yourself. However, this is not advisable because you may not understand all the legal processes involved and it may cause you not to get a fair trial. Many qualified lawyers state that they would not represent themselves if faced with charges and would hire a lawyer  instead.

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