Top 5 Tips For Customizing Your Promotional Wristbands For Your Event

Custom promotional wristbands are excellent marketing and branding tools, especially when they feature your message and logo right on the front. Promotional bracelets serve as excellent branding opportunities for event planners, as well as fashionable souvenirs for guests. To enjoy the immense benefits of these promotional materials, there are a few factors that you should put into account. These are as  follows.

Material  matters

Promotional bracelets are made using a wide range of materials. The most common materials used are vinyl, silicon, plastic, woven fabric, and Tyvek®. The material that you choose for your bracelets will affect how your design will translate from your computer screen to the actual advertising bracelet. You should choose a material depending on your advertising objectives. For example, if you want single-use bracelets, then you should opt for plastic, vinyl, and Tyvek  materials.

Keep it  simple

To ensure maximum visibility, you should keep the design of your promotional bracelets simple. It is best that you avoid combining logos and words. If you overlay your text on top of images, you will end up with a design that looks extremely busy. You do not want awareness bracelets with a message that people will find difficult to read from a distance. Whatever design you choose, make sure that it serves the purpose of the awareness  bracelets.

Color  Contrasts

When purchasing promotional bracelets, color should be a significant consideration. It is advisable that you match the color of your advertising bracelets to the color themes of your brand or event. You should also put into account the color of the logo or text that you plan on printing onto it. This is important because some awareness bracelets will only support a restricted number of print colors. Furthermore, you do not want to end up with black text on a wristband that is  dark-colored.

Avoid using thin and small  fonts

The text and messages on the computer screen may not appear as envisioned when printed. There are restrictions on how thin or small you can make your text for them to be visible. Additionally, some printers have limitations on how fine they can print. In general, it is best to avoid the use of font size 6 or a smaller font because text this size will be difficult to read when printed on the awareness  bracelet.

Stick to a color  scheme

When designing awareness bracelets for an event, it is advisable that you match them to the color scheme of the specific event. When you go overboard with your colors, the ultimate design will appear muddy, and texts will be challenging to read if your colors are extremely dark. If you find it hard to read your text or logo on the computer screen, then it will also be hard to read them on the  bracelet.

Custom bracelets are beneficial because they enhance the perception that guests have at your business or charity event. In addition, they also give organizations the ability to recoup the cost of producing their promotional bracelets. If you are planning on purchasing promotional bracelets for your event, you should find an experienced and reputable manufacturer. The promotional items you get will significantly boost your brand and advertising, so you do not want to settle for just any manufacturer you come  across.

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