Top 5 Travel Trends For 2018

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Are you curious to know about what some of the top travel trends are for 2018? Maybe you’re planning a major trip and would like to know what some of the trends are, or maybe you need to research the subject for work-related reasons.

Regardless, here are the top five travel trends for 2018:

Trend #1 – Winter Is Becoming A More Popular Time To Travel


Summer, and specifically July and August, is well known for being what is called ‘peak season,’ or the time of year when most people are traveling.

That being said, winter is increasingly becoming a popular time to travel as well, with potential for becoming the new peak season at some time in the future. According to recent studies, four out of every five Americans would consider traveling internationally during winter time.

Trend #2 – The Middle East Is Turning Into A Travel Hot Spot


Ask anyone what the most popular travel destinations in the world are, and you will likely receive responses that include Hawaii, Western Europe, or South America as being the most popular places.

But currently, the fastest growing travel region in the world is the Middle East. Subsequently, multiple new hotels have opened up in the Middle East, along with many new tourist groups.

Trend #3 – The Remittance Industry Is Going Mobile


Another key trend that has been developing for several years is that third party remittance services are going mobile. The days of actually walking into a physical establishment to send money overseas are rapidly sunsetting.

Instead, most remittance services now have mobile apps that make it incredibly easy for consumers to send money to themselves or others overseas. Remitly notes that it’s as simple as signing up with your email address and then choosing how much money you’d like to send.

Trend #4 – Solo Travel Is More Popular Than Ever


Today, solo travel is more important than ever before. Not only are there more internet searches on solo travel, but there has been an over 40% increase in the number of solo passengers on flights and on group tours.

Trend #5 – ‘Bleisure’ Trip Times Are Becoming Longer


The term ‘bleisure’ refers to trips that mix business with leisure, hence bleisure. Previously, bleisure-type trips for most people tended to be very short, but that’s something else that’s starting to shift course in 2018.

That’s because employees and clients who travel to another city or another country for business purposes are starting to add a few extra days to their business trip, to spend more time relaxing and vacationing aside from their work.

In addition, with the growth of online jobs and freelancing, traveling as a digital nomad part time or even full time is becoming very popular as well. Since Wi-Fi is accessible virtually all over the world, it’s simply becoming easy to work and make a living while on the go.

Travel Trends For 2018


The travel industry and how people travel is constantly changing on a year-by-year basis, and as we have just seen, 2018 is certainly no exception.

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