Top 7 Tips to Make Your Basement Feel Bright


Basements are almost often spaces with the lack of natural light or its complete absence. This is why you need to use all possible means to brighten up this space. Below we prepared seven easiest and still most effective ways to make your basement brighter. Read on and make  notes!

  1. Bright  Color

As professional basement contractor Guy Solomon reminds, bright color does make a change! When remodeling your basement, use bright color palette for its decoration. It is concerned not only the color of the walls, ceilings, or flooring, but also pieces of design and furniture. Make sure that you choose bright and complementing colors as the base for your basement room. Afterwards you will always have time to add bright splashes of color in  details.

  1. Contrasting  Darks

With the help of dark color you can also make your space look deeper and wider. But make sure that you make only separate areas so dark. For instance, you can think of a couple of side tables or an armoire in this  respect.

  1. Open Wide

Think about opening the space as much as you can. If you need functionality you will be able to divide the space with furniture, textures or different shades of paint. But try to remain open in terms of floor plan so that you visually enlarge the existing space at the same time leaving it  functional.

  1. De-clutter

When renovating your basement, the most basic thing to do is throw away trash and useless stuff. Go through everything stored there and try to leave only necessities. The space is dark enough so do not encumber it with useless furniture or pieces of  stuff.

  1. Strategic  Lighting

No secret that a lot of basements have pretty low ceilings, which means that pendant lights will not be the best choice. Not only will they aesthetically look weird, but they will also be on your way every time you walk past them. In this case experts advise choosing recessed lighting for the ceilings as well as complementing them with floor and table  lamps.

  1. Fake  windows

If you have no windows, you can always create their silhouette or shape. All you need if some light, pictures, and, of course, nice drapes. Consider also taking an old frame, sprucing it a little bit with new paint, adding there lights on the inside and then covering it all with drapes. You basically create a  window!

  1. Mirrors

The final trick is as old as the world, but it still is one of the most effective ones. Guy Solomon reminds that you can use mirrors to enlarge and brighten up your basement space. Due to the reflective nature of mirrors, they are called instantaneous light-enhancers and space-expanders. You can opt for not only wall mirrors, but also consider making some parts of your ceiling covered with windows. And to make the whole space look in the same manner, do not forget about the shelf  mirrors.

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