Top Travel Tips for 2015


2015 has just begun and, for many individuals, that means that it is time to start planning a new set of amazing vacation plans. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go knows how beneficial a stunning travel experience can truly be and as travelers set off this year, she encourages individuals to be adventurous and try new things. For travelers this year to enjoy some of their best getaways ever, Jeanette Bunn shares some fun suggestions to have memorable vacation experiences in  2015.

1. Take a road trip: Even those who may be a little strapped for cash can have a memorable vacation, and one of the best ways to do this is by taking a road trip. Jeanette Bunn believes that road trips are great options for travel as they can be taken at an easy pace and offer a true sense of adventure. Even if there is an ultimate destination in mind, getting there by driving along the open road and taking unexpected stops can make a vacation getaway truly  extraordinary.

2. Visit a dream destination: Just about every serious traveler has a list of destinations that they know they want to visit someday. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go believes that the time for these dream adventures is now. Individuals should take a look at that dream list and start making the plans to visit the destinations they have longed to see. The earlier that one starts planning these dream trips, the easier it will be for them to make it a reality. Even if it means taking only one trip this year, visiting that sought after destination will be more than worth  it.

3. Use vacation time: Jeanette Bunn, Travel To Go President, encourages all the travelers out there to put their vacation days to good use by actually using them to take an unbelievable vacation. Vacation days are valuable, and they should be spent on amazing getaways. Spending as much time as possible on an amazing vacation can offer travelers some unique opportunities, as well as the time and freedom to be a little adventurous and spontaneous. Take advantage of vacation time instead of trying to stuff a dream vacation into one  weekend.

Make travel this year really count by taking the perfect vacation. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go believes that making these travel resolutions and keeping them will make it easy to have extraordinary travel experiences in 2015. For more information on planning the perfect getaway visit

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