Trailer Maintenance Tips for Construction Pros

Construction trailers carry heavy freight to and from the construction site. It is for this reason that they need to be in good working condition at any given time. Here are a few tips that could help you give your trailers proper attention.

Check Tires Regularly

Replace worn-out tires. Find out what could be causing wear, especially if it appears to have more impact on one of the tires than the rest. Always ensure the tires have the proper inflation.

Underinflating can damage the tires internally. On the other hand, excessive inflation can expose the tires to punctures, possible bursts, and cuts. Construction Pros quotes an expert giving recommendations for checking tires before and after every trip.

Develop a Cleaning Routine

The longevity of the trailer depends on how best you clean it. Given the nature of construction jobs, cleaning must take place after every use. It is, therefore, one of those maintenance duties that require close attention.

Here are the “do’s” and “don’ts” that should guide the cleaning routine:

  • Do not use a pressure washer on sensitive parts like tires, shock absorbers, and the hydraulic system
  • You may use a regular broom to sweep away dirt and debris from the inside of the trailer.
  • You can then clean those parts with a normal hose or pressure washer sparingly.
  • Use your hands and regular soap to clean the inside walls of the trailer.
  • You can use a pressure cleaner on outside walls.
  • Park the trailer at a strategic place for good contact with sunlight. Allow it to tilt so that any water trapped inside can come out.
  • Do not skip a cleaning session to avoid an accumulation of dirt in layers.

Ensure Hydraulic Cylinders Are Functional

Causes of Failure

  • The entrance of water and air may contaminate hydraulic fluids.
  • Installing incompatible parts and fixing them wrongly during previous repairs.
  • Leakage of fluids
  • Poor heat dissipation may alter the optimal conditions leading to either overheating or over-cooling.

Maintenance activities include sealing all the leakages and replacing the lost or contaminated fluids.

Apply Grease to Movable Parts

Greasing ensures parts move without friction. Lubrication should come as a routine. There should be greasing every time the trailer has had a long trip. Although applying grease with your hands will make you dirty, that is the only right way.

Make Sure Lights Are Working Properly

Lights may fail due to worn-out wiring, among many other reasons. Brake lights and turn signals must always be indicated perfectly. Get a helping hand to help you check their conditions since you cannot tell while driving. Always make sure there are no breakages, cracks or corrosion on plugs.

Treat Any Rust on the Trailer Walls

The best time to check for surface rust is when cleaning. Once you locate rusting, you can correct it in a few minutes.

Using sandpaper, scrub away the rusty part. Cover it with a rust proof paint and add a coating of wax. Whereas this may not give it a professional touch, it stops further rusting.

Use of Trailer Tarps

The work of trailer tarps is to cover cargo while on transit. They also offer protection against wind and moisture damage. Canvas and vinyl are the most common material that makes tarps. They have metallic rings on the edges, which are for fastening using cords.

Maintaining Trailer Tarps

Construction materials on transit may be hard or sharp. It is, therefore, essential to cover the cargo with a softer material like cloth to prevent damage to the tarp. You can add more cords if you notice any signs of looseness. This will protect it from wind damage and keep the cargo well covered.

Other maintenance practices on the tarp include proper cleaning and storage. Use a pressure washer to beat off the dirt from a hanging tarp. Further, clear out any stains with damp cloth and soap. After that, store it in a cool and dry area.

The nature of the construction site is such that regular maintenance of trailers is mandatory. With these tips, you can always ensure that yours are in top performance shape. In case you do not have enough time, you may want to have professional technicians schedule maintenance as you concentrate on the construction.

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