Trump Parodies for Days


A three-minute parody of the surreal presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump is earning raves from some Trump opponents while occasionally confusing others who fear it might be taken the wrong way by Trump  supporters.

In this home-spun video (“Trumping ‘Round the Mountain”), now on YouTube at, Walter Szykitka sings lyrics he wrote to the melody of the familiar traditional folk song, “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the  Mountain.”

Most early previewers got the  parody:

  • “Brilliant, Beautiful”
  • “I think you nailed it, Walter”
  • “Sums up the Trump fantasy. Great spoof and performance.”
  • “The song and the performance are terrific!”

Others are not so  sure:

  • “I could see some people thinking it was real.”
  • “I hope it is tongue in cheek.”

Mr. Szykitka calls this video Part One – The Beginning, which he describes as “the first in a trilogy about the dizzying presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.” Part Two – The Middle will explore the ongoing campaign and its multitude of bizarre twists and turns. Part Three – The End will cover what Szykitka expects to be the final outcome of this phantasmagorical political drama now gripping the country and the  world.

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